Reviews Review – An Unknown Online Pharmacy Seized by the US Government was an internet drugstore that was seized by the US government for selling counterfeit products. According to hearsays, big pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of the Homeland Security and Europol’s campaign against cybercrime by making them shut down online pharmacies. This must be true as was just one of the hundreds of internet drugstores seized by the said agency due to not having a license to sell products.

This web store did not provide information as to when they started or where they were located. What they had on their page was a long list of available medications they offer. They offered drugs for all kinds of medical conditions including erectile dysfunction, urinary tract infection, mental disorders, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, smoking addiction, and HIV. They also offered drugs for weight loss, hair loss, eye care, herbal medicines, and contraceptives. For their bestsellers, they had Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Propecia, Zithromax, Clomid, Nolvadex, and Kamagra.

Erectile dysfunction customers of were able to find different options from this e-store. They had generic Viagra for $0.80 per tablet and generic Levitra for $1.50 per tablet. For Tadalafil or generic Cialis, it was sold for $1.88 per pill. They also offered other brands such as Viagra capsules, Viagra Sublingual, Levitra Soft, Levitra Super Force, Apcalis Jelly, Cialis Soft, Kamagra, Eriacta, Cialis Daily, Levitra Professional, Kamagra Effervescent, Viagra Super Dulox-force, and Vigora.

What we liked about this e-dispensary were the different payment methods they had. They accepted payments with a credit card, payment via bank wire transfer, online check payment, and money transfer. Accepted money transfers were Money Gram and Western Union. For each payment method, there was a number of days associated before a payment gets confirmed. Once the payment was confirmed, the orders were sent to their facility for processing, packing, and shipping.

All products offered by were Indian generic medicines. Since these were manufactured in India, these were shipped from India as well. Orders were delivered via Courier Service and Standard International Airmail. For Courier Service, the delivery time was up to nine days and it costs $30. Standard Delivery was $20 cheaper, and the delivery time was up to 21 days. Orders were trackable via the “order status” page but you need to be logged in. had a Reimbursement and Returns Policy but these are no longer available on the web archive. Customers of this website were able to report their issues by calling 888 532 4808 and 718 313 1498.

They also had a contact us page for customers who wanted to send them a direct message and an email address for customers who wanted to contact them thru email. Their email address was  [email protected] A live chat support team was also available for this web store. Reviews

The title of this article says something about the unpopularity of this e-store. We say it was unpopular because we are unable to find any customer reviews from the years that they operated.

We are in fact baffled that they were targeted by the US government and the In Our Sites (Project TransAtlantic VIII when they are not that popular with online consumers. Reviews 2018

The In Our Sites (Project TransAtlantic VIII seized and put a stop to the operation of before 2018 hence there are no available 2018 customer reviews for this web store. Coupon Codes

Giving out coupon code is one of the positive ways for online stores like internet drugstores to entice new customers. As far as is concerned though, they did not release any coupon codes during their operation. What they had were numbers of perks and promotions that customers can use to save more when ordering.

24-md Coupon Codes

One of the bonuses they offered was free pills on every order. The number of free pills depends on the number of ordered pills. Say you ordered 20 pills, you will get 4 bonus pills. If you will order 60 pills, you will get 10 bonus pills and for an order of 100 pills, you will get 20 bonus pills.

Another promotion available to eligible customers of was free shipping. All orders over $150 were qualified for free Airmail Shipping. In addition to free shipping, returning customers automatically had discounted purchases as well. From 5% to 7% discount, all customers of were assured that they can take advantage of this promotion.

The last promotion they offered was the referral bonus. If a customer recommends and a friend ordered using the referral code, the referring customer automatically gets 10% discount on his order. The referred friend in return gets a 5% discount on his or her first order.

Aside from these mentioned perks, also send out surveys to their customers and when a customer answers a survey, that customer automatically gets a 5% discount on his next order. The discount automatically gets applied on the next order and customer must have answered the survey first.

We are not sure though if these perks and promotions can be used all at once.

Conclusion is no longer operating as an online pharmacy because of the US government and Europol thru the In Our Sites (Project TransAtlantic VIII operation had put a seized order for this website. The seized order means that this store selling counterfeit products or medicines or didn’t have a license to sell products.

We cannot say for sure if the allegation of the agency was true. We can say that the website hid some things such as their location. We are unable to find customer reviews as well hence we can’t find any reliable information about them. Most online pharmacies are reviewed by third-party websites but unfortunately, this unpopular web store didn’t have any reviews.

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