Reviews Review – Online Drugstore that Served Clients for Years is a web pharmacy service that has now ceased its service due to unknown reasons. As I visited the store’s domain address, instead of seeing the store, I was met with an error page stating that the domain does not exist. I tried to search for data on the internet regarding the disappearance of this online pharmacy, but the store has had no explanations whatsoever about why it closed down after years of service.

Although 247 Medication is now closed, I was able to gain information about the store through its saved data on the internet archive site, the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. According to the data presented on this platform for 247 Medication, the earliest information existing for 247 Medication were dated as far back as 2003, although the store was still somewhat a “draft” in that year.

According to the information on 247 Medication, the shop was an internet pharmacy service and not an actual online pharmacy. The store was rather explicit about this and also emphasized that it was not a “replacement” to traditional, face-to-face medical consultations with licensed doctors, but rather an “option” for buyers looking for new ways to secure their medications and to cut their costs.

247 Medication focused its services on consumers who were uninsured and were looking for online sources for their medications. 247 Medication did not exactly state where it sourced its medications, although the store mentioned that it collaborated with ground pharmacies in the United States and in Europe. The shop also stated that its products, whether generic or brand name, were approved by the Food and Drug Administration and were therefore safe and effective to use.

As for the 247 Medication product line-up, the store offered medicines for a wide range of medical uses, like high blood pressure, allergies, insomnia, skin care, and several others. Some of the featured products, on the other hand, included these medicines:

  • Claritine (Loratadine) 10 mg: $100
  • Codeina (Codeine) 15 mg: $90
  • Xanax (Alprazolam) 0.50 mg: $90
  • Tramadol (Ultram) 50 mg: $70

There’s nothing on 247 Medication stating that the store required prescriptions from its customers, so I assume that the online pharmacy allowed its customers to purchase their medications even without prescriptions. Although this is not an acceptable practice at local drugstores, this is somewhat more widely accepted at online pharmacies.

Concerning payments, 247 Medication accepted payments via credit card and via money transfers. Shipping on 247 Medication was charged $25 if the orders were below the $250 mark. Orders beyond this were free. Reviews

I searched for web reviews for 247 Medication, but there were simply none existing for the shop. For me, this was a bit suspicious considering the store’s lengthy online service. However, I was able to find several on-site reviews for 247 Medication:

247 Medication Review from Customers
247 Medication Review from Customers

According to Susan, from Ireland, she was glad that she found the store since it gave her high-quality products. She mentioned wanting to order from 247 Medication again.

Mr. Adrian, another client, thought that 247 Medication was the “best online pharmacy, although he did not care to elaborate why.

On the one hand, Annie and Fred thanked 247 Medication for its “outstanding” service and mentioned that they would recommend the store to other consumers.

While these online reviews were positive about the 247 Medication store’s service, I can’t discount the fact that they have merely originated from the store and hence are unreliable. Reviews 2018

Since 247 Medication has closed down before 2018, the shop was unable to gain buyer testimonials for the said year. I checked even the most prolific online platforms but I was still left with a gaping hole when it came to 247 Medication testimonials:

No Reviews Available for 247 Medication
No Reviews Available for 247 Medication

247 Medication did not have reviews even on online review sites like Pharmacy Reviewer and other platforms. Since this was the case, I tried assessing 247 Medication using a third-party service instead:

247 Medication Website Assessment
247 Medication Website Assessment

According to the data for 247 Medication, the shop was identified as an online pharmacy with more than 3 years of service. It was also not yet marked by Google as an unsafe store. However, 247 Medication did not have an SSL certificate and it also did not have any trust records online. Its assessment also revealed that although 247 Medication was hosted in China, the majority of its traffic came from the United States. Coupon Codes

Like most online drugstores, 247 Medication did not offer coupon codes for its consumers to enjoy. However, 247 Medication offered free shipping to its consumers:

Free Shipping on 247 Medication
Free Shipping on 247 Medication

According to the information on 247 Medication’s website, it offered free shipping to buyers with orders of more than $250. Apart from this offer, the shop did not have other buyer deals available for its consumers.


247 Medication is another online drugstore service that has closed down without any warning. This online pharmacy did not seek to replace ground drugstores but emphasized that it was no more than a novel option for users without insurance or those looking for online sources for their medications. 247 Medication did not have reviews and although it had on-site reports, these “customer testimonials” were not a hundred percent reliable.

If in case you’re looking for online drugstores to consider, you can use stores included on our list of TOP Online Pharmacies instead of looking for similar 247 Medications websites.

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