Reviews Review – A Steroid Store without Its Own Forum was a drugstore operating online. They offered the best steroids on the web according to their home page. This steroids e-store dealt with the best clients only who want to become perfect, strong, sexy, and powerful. This steroids store started operating in 2001. Their closed date was not available as well as their location. Their office hours were in European Time hence we assume that they operated from Europe.

At, bulking up is easy if you have money to pay for it. They did not require a prescription and they ship worldwide. The medicines offered at this store were divided into different categories. They had the most popular list that included HCG, testosterone, Turinabol, and Trenbolone products. It included Androgel, Nebido, Tri-Trenabol, Sustanon 250, Mastabol, and Genheal. Most of the drugs offered by this online pharmacy were tested by San Rafael Chemical Services (SRCS).

They also offered different brands of medicines and products like beauty products of (Botox, Amazingel), Boldenone, Clomid, Dianabol Methandienone, IGF-1, Insulin, Masteron, Nandrolone, Polypeptide, Primobolan, Testosterone, weight loss pills, Balkan Pharmaceutical products, and other popular medicines like generic Viagra and generic Cialis brands.

For generic Viagra or sildenafil citrate, they have Sildenaver that is offered at $20 for a pack of 25 tablets (25 mg per tab). For generic Cialis or Tadalafil, they offered Esculap for $9 for a pack of 10 (20 mg per tab). Another generic Cialis brand they offered was Tadalaver and they offered it for $20 for a pack of 25 tabs (20 mg per tablet). For a pack of 50 tablets, it was sold for $39. had an FAQ page but the links were no longer accessible. The method of payments accepted by this e-store was inaccessible. We found out though that they accepted PayPal and Money Gram. We are unable to verify if a credit card was accepted. Shipping methods used were no longer available as well.

As for refund and return policy, it says on their page that they offered a hassle-free return policy. They also offered a satisfaction guarantee along with a guaranteed delivery. On their policy page, it says customers can claim a full refund if they find their order unsatisfactory to their taste. For cancellation of orders, only orders that were not yet shipped can be canceled.

On their shipping policy page, it says that orders were guaranteed to arrive within 21 days. Customers whose orders were delayed or went missing should report it immediately rot their customer service department. Their department was open from Monday to Friday, 9:30 in the morning until 6 in the evening (European Standard Time). The contact provided was [email protected] We are unable to retrieve a phone number for their customer service department hence we assume that the way to contact them was only thru this email. Reviews

One of the things we noticed among steroids online stores is that they always have a forum dedicated to their users. The forum is used to gather information about the product sold, how to use it, and the experiences of the e-store’s users. A forum was the first thing we checked for and was saddened to find none. Without a forum, we are already seeing it as a red flag.

We exhausted our resources to find customer reviews for as they didn’t have a forum. After searching for minutes, we just gave up. Reviews 2018

Unfortunately, we are unable to find any 2018 reviews for as well. It looks like this website didn’t exist and we are unable to find any site reviews. Because they didn’t have a testimonial page, we are unable to see their customer/s (if they had any) experiences. Coupon Codes

24pharmacy Coupon Codes/Promos

It looks like during its operation, did not release any coupon code for their customers to use. What they offered was a gift for those who will order and pay thru PayPal or Money Gram. We tried to check the gift, but we are unable to retrieve it as it was not included on the web archived information.

On their promo page, it says that they often release promotions that were exclusive to members and users of The promotions were mostly discounts that were given to members such as a discount on all orders, discount when a number of an order was reached, and free products.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that offered mostly steroids and bulking products. They offered other medicines as well that were not related to body building such as pain relief drugs, erectile dysfunction drugs, and beauty products.

Among the promises of were discreet packaging, long but sure preparations of orders, great prices for the products they offered, worldwide delivery, and fast delivery.

There was a lab result page for some of the products offered by The products on their list were popular bulking products such as Boldabol 200, Oxanabol, Oxydrol, Primobol 100, Stanabol, Stanabol 50, Testabol Enanthate 250, Trenabol 75, and Trenabol 150. These drugs according to the site was tested at 2180 E. 4500 S. #125, Salt Lake City, UT 84117-4434 by San Rafael Chemical Services (SRCS). Their contact information were (801) 277-8228 and (801) 277-7207 for fax.

Despite having good promises, we still have that uneasy feeling about this e-dispensary. It feels like this online pharmacy was lacking a lot of things. From not having a third-party forum that exclusively talks about them to not having third-party reviews, it feels unsafe to use (if it was active).

We also find the lack of contact information as a red flag. If they only had an email address, what is the chance that the said email address was working?

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