Reviews Review – An American Online Pharmacy that Offered Expensive Medicines was an internet drugstore that was no longer operating. Based on the web archived information we found, this e-store probably operated from 2011 to 2013. This was confirmed by a review website that reviewed 2doctors years ago, it says that operated for two years then it became inactive. According to their website, this is an American online pharmacy and they had licensed American physicians that reviewed orders prior to dispensing it. They also partnered with US licensed pharmacies during their run.

This e-dispensary had been inactive for years now. Their store offered medications such as allergy medications, anti-depressant, anti-parasitic, antibiotics, anxiety medications, arthritis, birth control drugs, blood pressure medicines, headache, heartburn, men’s health, motion sickness drugs, muscle relaxant, pain relief, sexual health, skin care products, stop smoking medicines, weight loss pills, and for women’s health.

On their page, among the bestsellers they had were Fioricet, Tramadol, Soma, and Viagra. For erectile dysfunction under men’s health, they offered three brands of erectile dysfunction drugs – branded Levitra, branded Cialis, and branded Viagra. A branded Cialis costs $129.97 for a pack of three, a branded Levitra costs $120.37 for a pack of 3, and a pack of branded Viagra costs $121.02 for a pack of 3. We are surprised to find such high priced medicines only despite the fact the these are branded medicines. We can only assume that one of the reasons that this e-store didn’t last long was their expensive medications. Their pricing was no different to a local pharmacy pricing.

What we appreciated about this web store was the information they provided for each medicine they offer. They have drug use information, how to take it, warnings and precautions, what to do in case of a missed dosage, possible side effects, storage, what to do in case of overdose, and additional information that users need to know about the said drug. only shipped to US states. There were some states that they were not allowed to ship to. All orders were shipped via FedEx and they offered next-day delivery. Customers who wanted to cancel an order should submit a cancellation request within the next 12 hours or before the order gets shipped or approved. Orders were shipped on regular addresses only and not on PO Box addresses. This e-store accepted different credit cards for payment.

This e-store can be reached in three different ways – thru phone, chat, and their contact us page. Their phone support number is no longer available though. For their contact us page, customers must input the order number, the name of the customer, email address, subject, message and a captcha code to be able to send the message. The response of will be sent to the email address provided. On their page, it says that were available 24 hours a day except on weekends and holidays.

For order status, customers only need to input their email, credit card number (used during purchase), and the captcha code. Customers can only check orders within three months. For those who were unable to check orders thru the self-service page, they should contact the support team of Reviews

After exhausting all available information about, we ended up finding no customer reviews for this e-store. The review for this e-dispensary that we found from years ago also mentioned finding no customer reviews after it operated for two years.

Without a customer review, we can say that this e-store probably didn’t have many customers in the past hence they didn’t have any customer review. With expensive medications to sell, who would buy from them? Personally, I would rather visit a local pharmacy and pay the same rather than order online and worry if it was a legit online pharmacy or not. Reviews 2018 stopped operating sometime in 2013 and for the said reason, there are no 2018 customer reviews available for Coupon Code

For their expensive offers, we are surprised to find no perks or promotions released by they didn’t release any coupon codes for their customers to use. They also didn’t release any specials.

2doctors Offer

The only promotion we found was a refer a friend program, but the incentive was no longer obtainable as well.

Perhaps they released some specials in the past but were no longer obtainable on the web archive since the website was inactive years now.

Conclusion had a lot to offer to their customers during their operation. They offered a support team that was available 24/7. They also promised customers of fast service with no waiting time, complete privacy with their discreet packaging, convenient ordering, anytime, anywhere, and safe and secure ordering through their SSL encrypted payment server.

What we liked about this website were:

  • They had licensed US doctors that reviewed orders before dispensing it
  • They partnered with US licensed pharmacies for the medicines they dispensed
  • They offered next-day delivery thru FedEx
  • They offered FDA approved branded medicines only
  • They offered 24/7 support thru a live help and with their phone support team that are reachable via their toll-free numbers

What we don’t like about this website:

  • They offered expensive medicines. We knew these are branded drugs but one of the reasons why we are checking online pharmacies is because they offer cheaper medicines as compared to our local drugstore.
  • With high priced medicines to offer, we are unable to find coupon codes or special offers that customers can use
  • They did not have any customer reviews that we can use to check their reliability
  • They have an order status tracker where you can track orders on your own
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