Reviews Review – An Average-Priced Drugstore with No Coupons is an online pharmacy that focuses on offering generic medication. According to the drugstore contact page, it has its location in India. The pharmacy copyright section has the year 2016 on it. Since the pharmacy does not indicate when it was founded, I assumed that the year 2016 indicates when the drugstore started its operations. This shows that is a relatively new company.

The pharmacy has a wide catalog. All the medications I found on the drugstore website have already received the FDA approval which means the online store does not deal with selling controlled substances. Some of the meds I found on the catalog include antibiotics, erectile dysfunction meds, cancer meds, diabetes drugs, arthritis drugs, cardiovascular drugs, and others.

The most popular medications on the website appeared to be erectile dysfunction medications. To gauge whether I could afford the meds being sold by, I checked the price for the ED meds. A pill of generic Viagra will cost 0.72 dollars. Generic Cialis will be worth 1.33 dollars per pill. Generic Levitra will be worth 1.56 dollars for each tablet. Buying medications from will not offer you the highest savings. I have come across online pharmacies offering lower prices for the generic ED meds.

The pharmacy offers three main methods of paying for your meds. These are the credit cards, bank wire transfers, and E-checks. Paying with credit cards is my most preferred method of purchasing meds online since I will have the ability to dispute any charges made to my credit card if the online pharmacy turns out to be a scammer. indicates that all the meds it ships have their origin in India. These meds are shipped internationally. The pharmacy has 2 shipping options. These are courier service and the standard international Airmail. was not clear on the shipping costs to expect. They only indicated that the standard international Airmail shipping is cheaper but will take longer to deliver medications while the courier service is faster but more expensive.

If you wish to cancel your order at, you have to do this within a period of 24 hours. This is the period when your meds will not have been shipped. To cancel the order you can either call the pharmacy support department or email them. accepts returns and also offers refunds. A refund is usually given in a period of about 5 to 7 days.

Communicating with customer support department is easy. The drugstore has a dedicated live chat. I started a chat and managed to communicate with one of their agents. I have captured the chat I had with John below:

Abeewell Live Chat

The pharmacy also has a US toll-free phone number, an international phone number, an EU number, and an email address that a buyer can use to reach the customer support department. The numbers to use are +1 800 532 48 08 (US Toll-Free), +1 718 313 14 98 (International), and +44 200 222 70 84 (EU customers). The pharmacy email address is [email protected] Reviews

After spending some time browsing online looking for testimonials which could help me determine whether is a drugstore I can trust with my money and health, I could not find any testimonials. The best thing I could do was provide information on whether this pharmacy is trustworthy based on the details available for the drugstore web address. I have checked the pharmacy domain address on has a 0% trust rating on The domain checking program indicates that buying from and browsing the website is not recommended. Also, according to, is not a popular web drugstore since it lacks too many visitors. When you are purchasing meds online, you would want to trust a pharmacy that has a large number of buyers. This would indicate that it is a site which offers quality services. Reviews 2018

Again, I could not find any reviews written in 2018 for I used Scam Adviser to analyze domain address. Here are the results that I got:

Abeewell Scam Adviser

Contrary to what the pharmacy contacts page states, the pharmacy appears to be in the Russian Federation and not in India. The drugstore has an above average trust rating on Scam Adviser. However, a 55% safety rating is not good enough for an online drugstore that sells medications and also manages payments. If you are to buy your meds online, you need to use a pharmacy that has a 100% trust rating for you to be 100% sure that your meds will arrive and what you will get is real meds and not fake medications. Coupon Codes

Every online shopper loves to save his or her money while shopping online via coupon codes. These are usually attractive and popular online med stores invest in them to make sure that they get as many customers as possible. I searched for coupons everywhere online. I could not locate any coupon or even promo codes that I could use on the drugstore. What this means is that any buyer wishing to source his or her meds at will have to pay the full price for the medications.


When buying meds online, you need to look for an online pharmacy that has displayed constantly good services. To know the nature of services an online pharmacy offers, you need to check its reviews. does not have any reviews. I would not trust an online drugstore with zero customer testimonials with either my money or health. has fair prices although they are not the lowest online. Also, the drugstore has a quite extensive catalog that has some of the most popular medications.

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