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Reviews Review – Where Ordering Antibiotics Made Easy is an internet pharmacy known for offering antibiotic medications. Their home page is full of information about antibiotics but none about the location of this e-store. The medicines they offer are from Indian pharmaceutical companies licensed by WHO and the Indian FDA to distribute antibiotics among other products.

Antibiotics are known to treat bacterial infection. Depending on the type of bacteria that affects you, you should only take the necessary antibiotic as not all types of antibiotics can cure any bacterial infection. For example, if you need to treat an intestinal infection, you should take polymyxins, tetracyclines or cephalosporins. For respiratory infection, you should take lomefloxacin, amoxicillin or lincomycin.

Antibiotics are available in tablets, pills, salves, drops, solutions, capsules, and suppositories. For the different antibiotic medicines that offers, most are generic and costs less than $3 per tablet.

There are at least 40 brands of antibiotics being offered at Flagyl is the cheapest at $0.20 per pill and Ceclor is the most expensive at $5.09 per pill. For antibiotics that are less than $1 per pill, you can choose from Cleocin, Noroxin, Amoxil, Trecator SILDENAFIL CITRATE, Keftab, Erythromycin, Doxycycline, Tinidazole, Bactrim, Diflucan, Sumycin, Tegopen, Myambutol, and Duricef.

When ordering from Buyantibiotics24h, you can pay with a credit card. Most type of credit cards is accepted such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, and Diner’s Club. If you have a credit card and you are at least 18 years of age, you can order at this e-dispensary, as they do not require a prescription.

All orders are packed discreetly and with care to ensure the pills won’t get damaged. Orders can be shipped in two different ways. You can have your order delivered via the Trackable Courier Service (EMS) where it only takes up to 9 days for the order to be delivered. The other method is via the Standard International Mail Service that takes up to 21 days for orders to be delivered. The price for shipping depends on the weight of your order and its destination. The total bill will appear once you click on the checkout page.

For contacting the support team of, in case you have questions or queries, you can dial 1-800-109-585, 1-888-524-71-41 or 44 808-189-1420. They also have a contact us page where you can send a direct query. If you are in a hurry and you want an immediate answer, reaching Buyantibiotics24h thru their live chat team is also an option.

Live Chat with Buyantibiotics24h
Live Chat with Support Team

We tried to contact the support team of to ask if they have any customer reviews, as we are unable to find customer reviews for this e-store. According to the chat representative we talked with, the testimonials on one of their websites serve as their testimonials as well. When asked if they changed the domain name, the representative said that they are just using the same reviews for both web stores.

In terms of policies, all orders come with guaranteed delivery hence in case your order goes missing or lost, of Buyantibiotics24h will reship it free of charge. All new orders can be canceled within the first 24 hours. Refund is possible if you are not satisfied with your order as they offer a 100% money back guarantee. Reviews

Based on the information we found on their home page, of Buyantibiotics24h started operating in 2013. In four or five years since they started operating, did they get any customer reviews? A few minutes of browsing and searching for a customer review gave us one result.

Buyantibiotics24h Reviews

A customer shared that he ordered from of but he didn’t receive his ordered medicines. He said he was charged $35 for his order. His recommendation is for online customers is to stay away from this e-store.

Although their chat support gave a different website for us to check the reviews of this e-store, we did not use it because we strongly believe that those are not reliable customer reviews. The said reviews are on-site reviews for their other e-dispensary.

In an effort to further understand the real status of this e-store, we looked for newer customer reviews. Reviews 2018

Luckily, we are able to retrieve a review for of Buyantibiotics24h that was shared this year. The review was actually a comment left by a user in a website that reviewed buyantibiotics24h. It was shared by Fernando.

Buyantibiotics24h Reviews 2018

According to Fernando, he had some issues with his order but the customer service team of Buyantibiotics24h contacted him and they were able to fix the problem before it becomes serious. Fernando was happy with the result and of his experience with

The two reviews we found for of are mixed. Although these are from third-party websites, it looks like it is an okay online pharmacy to trust yet if you have other options to refill your antibiotics prescription, you better check it as well. Coupon Codes does not have any coupon codes nor specials and promotions to attract old and new customers. This online pharmacy is relying on their low-cost medications and the fact that these are real and effective as they are all from FDA approved Indian pharmaceutical companies.

Conclusion is the largest source of antibiotics online. It offers more than 40 types of antibiotics and they offer it at a very low price. They also offer these medicines to customers who don’t have a prescription.

If you are looking for an e-store that you can use to purchase your antibiotics, Buyantibiotics24h is a place worth checking. Although they have mix reviews, we can say that the most recent one was still promising and enticing. At a very low price, you no longer have to drive to the nearest drugstore in your area to get an antibiotic. Their responsive live chat support team is also a promising factor for this e-store.

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