Reviews Review – Online Drugshop Accepting Only Bitcoins is a Hong Kong-based online drugstore that was set up in 2002. BuyPharma1 claims to sell original medications that have been approved by the FDA at prices that will enable those that cannot afford an insurance cover to afford their medications. There is no proof that has been approved by any of the regulatory bodies.

There is a wide range of medications at that have been grouped into various categories according to the illness for which the drug will be used to treat. The arrangement is alphabetical to make it even easier to find your medications. Some of the classifications include High Blood Pressure, Neural, Pain Killer, Migraine, Insomnia, Muscle Building, Smoking, Vaccine, Weight Loss, Men’s Health, Hair Loss, and Gout, among others.

The most popular medications are displayed on the homepage to make it simpler for customers to find them. Buy Pharma 1 has displayed selected featured products on its homepage instead of the most popular medications like the brand Viagra. This could be aimed at creating awareness of the product so that more sales can be made from the new drugs. The other popular medications are Tadacip 20mg, Vega 100mg, Finasteride, Vardenafil HCL tablets, Dutasteride capsules, Metformin tablets, Canagliflozin tablets, Empagliflozin tablets. Some of the listed medications will require a doctor’s prescription before the order can be processed.

I looked into the erectile dysfunction category to know the medications that are in stock and the brand Viagra was not one of them. The drugs stocked include Tadacip 20mg, Vega 100mg, Caverta 100mg, Toptex Royal, Filtra 20mg, Kamagra 100mg, and Kamagra Soft Tabs 100. Customers who love using the brand medications such as Viagra and Cialis will have to look for another online pharmacy.

To pay for the medications purchased at, you can only use bitcoins. This will be a great inconvenience to the customers who prefer making their purchases using credit cards or even a bank wire transfer. The process of buying the bitcoins is also complicated as customers have to use his credit card or debit card for the purchase of the bitcoins and then proceed to pay for the drugs.

The shipping of your medications will be done via Airmail which will take a maximum of 21 days and will cost $14.50 per order. This duration may take longer as a result of circumstances that are beyond the control of such as customs regulations.

The information regarding what would happen if the medications were lost or damaged during the shipping has not been provided. It has also not been stated if accepts the return of medications once they have been shipped.

Customers who wished to contact would only have the option of using an email which it is claimed that customers would get a reply within 12 hours after submitting it. The lack of a phone number or even a live chat means that customers cannot get an answer to an urgent issue on time since they have to wait for the response via email. Reviews

I tried searching for reviews from the customers who have been buying from but none were available either on their website or from an independent review site. It is possible that there have not been any customers who have been buying from them since the pharmacy was established in 2004.

Customers prefer to shop from an online pharmacy that has positive reviews from past customers as this is the only way they will be assured that they will get the right medications and they will be delivered on time.

If there have been customers, does not encourage them to leave a feedback after completion of a transaction which is a great setback to their operations. I tried searching for complaints as well but none were available. Reviews 2018

I could not find any recent reviews about online. As a result, I decided to check the report of Scam Advisor regarding the services offered by and it has been given a low trust rating. LegitScript has also termed it as a rogue pharmacy since it has failed to fulfill all the regulation set for all online pharmacies.

These reports show that could be an unsafe place for customers to buy medications from. The choice of payment method which is bitcoins could also be a reason why customers prefer looking for an online pharmacy where they will not have to go through the complicated process of looking for bitcoins before they can make a purchase. Coupon Codes

It seems does not recognize the importance of offering incentives to their customers every time they place an order. I could not find any offers that customers could get which could be the reason why customers prefer to purchase in other online pharmacies. Even the customers who purchase in bulk will have to pay for the shipping, unlike other online pharmacies where customers are offered free shipping when buying in large quantities. should come up with strategies to ensure that there are offers however small that will keep customers coming back for more.

Conclusion is an online drugstore that deals with the sale of generic medications which have been approved by the FDA. The drugs are sold at affordable prices and customers will be required to provide a valid prescription to make a purchase. There is a lack of information regarding the refund or reshipping of medications if they are lost or damaged which may make customers fear to buy from them. There is also no option of a fast shipping via courier which means that customers will have to wait for a long time for the delivery of the medications. Due to the lack of independent reviews, however, it is impossible to know if this is a legitimate online pharmacy that will deliver what has been ordered or a scam website that will take money from customers and never deliver the medications as promised.

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