Reviews Review – Yet Another Canada Online Store was an online pharmacy that professed to be a Canadian store. However, this online drugstore seems to be like most online pharmacies that claim as Canada-originated stores even if in reality they have not originated from or not operating in the country.

Last time I checked this web drugstore, Canadian Meds 24 is actually inaccessible. There is no reason for this, but my browser seems unable to reach the shop. Because this is the case, I went on to search the web regarding Canadian Meds 24, to at least find out what became of the store. Sadly, there are no records with information about Canadian Meds 24 on them, save for the web archive files for the web pharmacy.

I have reason to believe that this online drugstore is now dead. Well, it’s not really surprising to hear about web drugstores disappearing one by one, considering most of these online pharmacies are bound to close one way or another, especially ones that are unpopular with consumers. I’m not saying that Canadian Meds 24 was unpopular that’s why it closed; however, given the store’s lack of online attention from former clients (like for instance, reviews on third-party websites and other sources), it is possible that Canadian Meds 24 was not as popular as the other web drugstores online.

To be able to know more about Canadian Meds 24 despite its closed state, I checked the store’s online information found on the web archive. I saw there that even if Canadian Meds 24 took on a different template than most online drugstores, its products and medicines were still the generic, India-manufactured and Indian FDA medicines. Products like erectile dysfunction treatments were the ones abundant on Canadian Meds 24, probably because these medicines were highly sought-after by the consumers. When it comes to the prices, Canadian Meds 24 offered cheap costs to help the customers save. To illustrate, here are some of the product prices in the Canadian Meds 24 shop:

  • Viagra: $0.35 each pill
  • Cialis: $0.77 each pill
  • Propecia: $0.57 each pill
  • Meldonium: $0.81 each pill
  • Dapoxetine: $1.04 each pill
  • Viagra Professional: $0.69 each pill

These medicines and the other products found on Canadian Meds 24 were bought by customers even without prescriptions.

Canadian Meds 24 accepted credit card payments and shipped the medicines via regular and EMS shipping, depending on the preferred shipping option by the buyers.

The store Canadian Meds 24 claimed that it was certified by the organization CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) and the CPA (Canadian Pharmacists Association), but I still need to verify this because not all stores claiming to be a part of the CIPA or CPA are true about their claims. Reviews

Although on-site reviews for Canadian Meds 24 were published on the store, I am a little concerned that these reviews were not as reliable as third-party reviews from clients posting on external platforms. However, since there were no Canadian Meds 24 reviews available on the web, I had to use these customer reviews as a reference for Canadian Meds 24’s past performance:

Canadian Meds 24 On-Site Reviews
Canadian Meds 24 On-Site Reviews

It’s noticeable, however, that the reviews found on Canadian Meds 24 were from “customers” who were able to receive their orders from the shop. Nearly all of the buyer testimonials posted on the Canadian Meds 24 platform were from customers confirming that they have received their orders from Canadian Meds 24, as you can see in the image above.

Although it’s honestly tempting to take these reviews as they are, since these reviews have only originated on-site, there’s a good chance that these reports were merely crafted by the shop to encourage more customers to purchase meds from its platform. Reviews 2018

Canadian Meds 24 has closed down before the year 2018, so it’s somewhat natural that the store did not have buyer testimonials for its platform in 2018. Even blogger mentions for the store Canadian Meds 24 were unavailable, so what I did was that I used another platform to help me assess Canadian Meds 24.

Trust Rating for Canadian Meds 24
Trust Rating for Canadian Meds 24

Based on the result of the platform I used for Canadian Meds 24, the shop was only 24% trustworthy. Canadian Meds 24 had an SSL certificate, which meant that the store was safe to use by customers when it was online. Canadian Meds 24 was also not yet reported as a scam store and was identified to exist for more than three years. However, Canadian Meds 24 was still with a low trust rating considering its lack of trust records and its low traffic. Coupon Codes

Usually, online pharmacies do not offer coupon codes, so I really did not expect Canadian Meds 24 to have coupon codes to offer its consumers. However, although the store did not have coupon codes to offer its buyers, the store still had other deals available for the buyers:

Canadian Meds 24 Free Pills
Canadian Meds 24 Free Pills

According to the Canadian Meds 24 information, buyers of the platform were entitled to free pills on their every order. Buyers were made to choose between generic Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis for their freebies.


Canadian Meds 24 was another online pharmacy that claimed to be Canadian while failing to offer proof that it was indeed a Canada-based online pharmacy. Regarding the store’s reviews, the shop had some, but it only had on-site testimonials found on its platform. I can’t recommend the use of this platform given its present closed state, but if you need stores to use for your medicine purchases, I recommend using shops included on our list of TOP Web Drugstores instead.

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