Reviews Review – Just a Matter of Time Before This Shop Retires is an online pharmacy that also sells generic medications for a host of medical conditions. This online pharmacy’s still running – I believe the store started its service in 2013, which means that it has been operating for long now, and far longer than the average online drugstore in the market. Dr UK’s name implies that it is located in the United Kingdom, but actually, this online pharmacy’s website is hosted in the United States and its owner’s address is in China.

There’s really nothing much that sets apart Dr UK from the other online pharmacies I’ve encountered in the past – although the store does not look like the typical web pharmacy, the store still had the same elements present in the usual online pharmacies on the web market. For example, Dr UK still arranged its products per medical condition they are relevant to. If I need a product for my blood pressure, I can just go over the “blood pressure” category and choose the brand of the drug I need. Some of the medical categories present in Dr UK are the following:

  • Cancer
  • Cholesterol
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Birth control
  • Asthma

Out of all the medicines found on Dr UK though, the shop considers its impotence treatment drugs its bestsellers. According to the store, medicines such as brand Viagra, Cialis Super Active, Kamagra Jelly, and brand Cialis are some of its bestsellers and are priced $6.52, $2.31, $2.13, and $6.27 respectively. Honestly, although Dr UK’s prices are cheaper than the usual local drugstore prices for the same medications, these prices are a bit rough and more expensive than most online prices for the same items.

As for prescriptions, there was nothing on the site mentioning that the meds require prescription, so I assume that Dr UK is the same with the typical online drugstores that don’t oblige customers to send their Rx.

What’s questionable about Dr UK though was that most of its sections are no longer around. Although it’s still online, I can’t access specific segments of its website, like for instance its product page for Lasix or its FAQ section. It’s like the store is a living dead – still online but beneath it all, it’s already dead. Honestly, I don’t know what’s keeping this store alive – perhaps it still has more years of domain registry to consume, but I think it’s just a matter of years or months before this platform retires.

There are no customer reviews on the web about this store – no mentions from former buyers, no third-party comments, and it had very little blogger attention for its service. Reviews

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I really had trouble searching for any form of reference or buyer comment for the shop Dr UK. This web drugstore did not have anything on the internet perhaps due to its lack of popularity amongst the other users. Reviews are actually good markers of reliability and credibility and stores without them are somewhat questionable, especially if they are like Dr UK with already a long service history.

I find it amusing that an online pharmacy with 6 years of service is unable to get reviews for its platform, especially given the age we live in today where there are plenty of avenues where buyers may send their message across, like review platforms, social media sites, blogs, and a lot more. However, having no reviews does not necessarily mean that a store is a scam site – perhaps the shop was just too unpopular or had poor marketing skills. Reviews 2018

Given the present state of the shop Dr UK, the store did not have present-day reviews for its service. However, reviews are not the only tools I can use to assess the platform so I tried using third-party sites to evaluate Dr UK instead:

Scam Void Analysis for Dr UK
Scam Void Analysis for Dr UK

Using Scam Void, one domain assessing platform, the store Dr UK is potentially safe because it had a valid HTTPS (or an SSL certificate), it’s operating since 2013, and as of today, the store isn’t a blacklisted shop. However, the platform has determined that Dr UK had no trust records and had low traffic to its website.

Scamner Analysis for Dr UK
Scamner Analysis for Dr UK

The result for Dr UK using Scamner was not as great as Scam Void’s – according to Scamner’s analysis, Dr UK does not have an SSL certificate, it has no trust records, and it is hosted in a country notorious for scammers. However, Dr UK has not yet been reported an unsafe store by Google and like Scam Void, Scamner has also determined that Dr UK has been around since 2013. Coupon Codes

There are no coupon codes available on Dr UK and honestly, there are also no promotional offers on the platform. I was expecting free shipping, free pills, and all the other textbook online pharmacy offers, but given Dr UK’s “living dead” state, I should expect less from this online pharmacy.


I thought the store was still active, but although the store is still around, most of its sections are already empty. Now I don’t know what’s the deal with the Dr UK store, but I assume that given its current state, it’s not to last much longer. Since this is the case, I recommend using other stores instead, like the ones found on our list of TOP Online Vendors for the year.

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