Extrameds.Com Review – A Closed Generic Med Store with Unknown Physical Location is an online drugstore that is not operational anymore. This pharmacy did not indicate when it was founded. However, my research showed it had been operational for at least a decade before shutting down. I could not determine where the pharmacy was located. The drugstore had a fairly wide catalog. Its medication category consisted of more than 20 health products. The health complications whose meds were available on the pharmacy included Mental disorders, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, skin issues, urinary tract, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, and others. All the medications the store had in stock had their source in India. The drugstore did not have even a single brand name medication. The pharmacy indicated that all the meds it was distributing had already received approval from the FDA.

I found the pharmacy to have had affordable prices. A pill containing sildenafil citrate (generic Viagra) was being sold at a price of only $0.81. Generic tadalafil was worth 1.29 dollars per pill. The drugstore did not require their customers to have a prescription script for them to order medications from the drugstore. This could have been appealing to a large number of customers.

Extra Meds was only accepting payments via credit cards. The drugstore didn’t indicate credit cards that it was accepting. I had to assume that buyers could use the major credit cards such as American Express, Mastercard, and VISA to pay for their meds. I liked this payment policy since a buyer had the ability to dispute the charges made to his or her credit card if the pharmacy failed to deliver the medications a buyer had paid for.

Extra Meds was shipping medications via Standard International Airmail and the Express delivery. The store stated that the price for shipping would vary depending on a variety of factors. These included the amount of pills a buyer had purchased, the destination, and the method of shipping the buyer chose. To determine the amount of money a buyer would have to pay for the shipping of his or her meds, he or she had to add meds to the cart first. The drugstore did not indicate whether buyers would get free re-shipments when medications failed to turn up or arrived when they were already destroyed. However, the drugstore was clear on the fact that it did not offer a cancelation chance and it did not accept medication returns.

Talking to Extra Meds customer service was easy. The pharmacy had a live chat option. The drugstore indicated that buyers could get help on a 24/7 basis. Buyers who did not prefer using the live chat option could have used one of the three phone numbers available on the drugstore site. These numbers included +1 646 205 2937 (Regular), +1 866 417 5821 (US Toll-Free), and +44 203 011 0298 (UK Number). Reviews

The pharmacy appeared to have not been very popular. The reason why I came to this conclusion is that after searching for its testimonials online, I couldn’t locate even a single external reviews collecting website that had its testimonials. However, the pharmacy had numerous positive testimonials on its official website. I have indicated these testimonials below:

Extrameds Reviews

Paul is happy that he got his product from Extra Meds. He is thankful for the delivery. Carmel appears to have received great services. She thanks for the quick and kind help the drugstore offered her. After taking the meds offered by, KW says that the tabs were fantastic. He didn’t deal with any side effects after taking the medications. Steven appreciates the services provided to him.

The above reviews are not trustworthy. There are shady online pharmacies which have adopted the idea of creating fake and overly positive testimonials so that they can get unsuspecting customers to think that the pharmacy is real. The above reviews may be just a marketing stunt. They may not be reflecting the kinds of services was offering. The best reviews to trust are the ones a buyer finds on an external reviews collecting site. Reviews 2018

The testimonials available on did not have dates. Therefore, I could not tell whether any of its testimonials had been written in 2018. The testimonials below were on official website:

Extrameds Testimonial

Santos received his Cialis Pills faster than he expected. The meds Alfonso received were genuine. They worked perfectly for him. He recommends the pharmacy and rates them 10/10. Mike had received his whole order as usual. Hinds got his Viagra. He says that it was wonderful which means that it worked great for him. Coupon Codes

Extra Meds did not have any coupon codes on its website or on other websites which usually host coupon codes. However, the pharmacy had some offers on the website. These offers combined with the affordable prices could have attracted some buyers. I have indicated the offers below:

Extrameds Offers and Discount

If a buyer was not sure whether to order meds from or not, he or she could get sample pills for free so that he or she could determine whether the pills offered by the pharmacy worked or not. The drugstore was also offering an 8% discount.


Extra Meds was offering nice prices for its medication. Also, its payment method via credit cards was appealing. The drugstore catalog carried numerous meds. A lot of people could have gotten their medications in one place. However, the pharmacy did not appear to be trustworthy. The only testimonials available for the drugstore were on its official website. These testimonials are untrustworthy since they could have been crafted just to promote the pharmacy by the drugstore management.

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