Reviews Review – ED Drugstore Closed As Big Pharma Tries to Safeguard its Expensive Meds was a drugstore that existed up to around the year 2017 when the pharmacy got seized by the authorities. Its website did not mention when the pharmacy was established. However, the store seemed to have been offering its services online for more than a decade.

The reason for the seizure of that I found on the pharmacy website when I tried to access it, is that the drugstore was participating in the sale of counterfeit medications. I have found numerous online pharmacies which have been captured for this same reason. After doing my own research, I managed to determine that this was not the real reason. The reason was the Big Pharma is trying to close cheap online stores. The cheap web drugstores are draining customers from the Big pharma. The only way to get these customers back is to close the cheap med stores. My research proved that had been closed for the same fake reasons as other closed online generic med stores. Big Pharma’s aim is to ensure that it has eliminated all the cheap alternatives medication users have so that they can keep selling expensive meds to them. was focusing on offering males solutions to their erectile dysfunction issues. The drugstore carried cheap generic meds which had their origin in Indian Pharmaceutical companies. Generic Viagra was being sold at a price of only 0.69 dollars per pill. Generic Cialis was only worth 1.30 dollars per pill while Generic Levitra cost its buyers only 2 dollars per tablet. This is a price many men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction could have afforded.

The pharmacy was only accepting payments via credit cards. This is a great policy since buyers would have had the ability to dispute any charges made to their cards if failed to keep the end of their deal and deliver the medications. The pharmacy was shipping the ED medication worldwide with the exception of some few countries located in Asia. The shipping was being done through 2 main ways. These are the courier service and the standard international airmail. The courier service was taking 5 to 9 days to deliver medications. Buyers who wished to get their meds shipped through the courier service were supposed to pay 30 dollars. This method had tracking. The standard international airmail would have cost buyers 10 dollars. It took approximately 10 to 21 days before the medications arrived. This method lacked tracking.

After placing an order, buyers were allowed to cancel their orders within the first 24 hours after placing the order. was offering their customers refunds if their medications failed to show up. To get a refund, buyers were supposed to contact the customer support department after the delivery period had elapsed. The drugstore was accepting returns and offering refunds for the returned goods.

Contacting the customer support department appeared to have been extremely easy. On top of the pharmacy having a live chat option, it also had three phone numbers. These included +1 800 532 48 08 (toll-free US), +1 718 313 14 98 (regular US), and +44 203 011 02 41 (UK). Reviews

I tried locating testimonials on an external website. I could not locate any testimonials. However, the drugstore website had a large number of positive testimonials. I have captured some of them below:

Farmaciablu Testimonials

David reports that he had received his order. He will be ordering again from His wife was more than surprised by the results the medication he received produced. He felt like he was 18 years old again. Mark is another happy customer. He reports that he received his order on time. The pills worked great for him. His sex life was improved by the ED pills he received.

The onsite reviews available on pharmacy websites are not always trustworthy. There are shady pharmacies which create fake testimonials and use them to manipulate buyers so that they can rip them off. The above reviews could have been a marketing stunt by management. Reviews 2018 does not have any testimonials in 2018. This could be because its domain address was either seized in 2017 or at the beginning of the year 2018. I have captured more reviews I found on the drugstore website below:

Farmaciablu User Feedback

Steve received his generic Viagra as he had been expecting. The medication managed to make a good thing even better. The price was very affordable such that he had the ability to have the pills all the time. The drug helped him eliminate performance anxiety.

Kieran reports that he received prompt and efficient service from The medications arrived within the proposed time period. He says that he has already recommended the drugstore to his friends. Coupon Codes

Farmaciablu Offers did not have any coupon codes. I figured this after checking its website capture on web archives and also searching for coupon codes on other websites which contain coupon codes. However, the drugstore had some offers on its website. I have captured these offers below: was offering free shipping. However, for a buyer to qualify for this free shipping he had to buy meds worth a certain amount of money. I tried adding meds to the cart to figure this amount but I couldn’t since the official website is offline. The pharmacy was offering a 7% discount on all re-orders.

Conclusion appears to have been a great pharmacy. The store had nice prices for generic ED Meds. The store also had a nice payment method via credit cards which allowed their customers to dispute their charges if meds failed to arrive. The store has been seized in an attempt by the Big Pharma to close cheap online stores so that they can continue selling overly expensive meds to people after eliminating the cheap alternative.

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