Getgenericpills.Com Review – A Pharmacy with a Wide Catalog Closed

Getgenericpills.Com Review – A Pharmacy with a Wide Catalog Closed is an internet pharmacy that is non-existent right now. The drugstore website did not specify when this pharmacy was founded. However, the drugstore appears to have disappeared from the internet a long while back. The pharmacy was selling a large number of different medications. The information on Get Generic Pills official website indicated that the meds the store was selling were FDA-Approved.

Some of the meds I found on the drugstore website include muscle relaxants, erectile dysfunction pills, skin care meds, pain relief drugs, blood pressure medications, smoking cessation drugs, and others. After checking the price at which the drugstore was selling the erectile dysfunction pills, I realized that the pharmacy was affordable. A pill of generic Viagra was being sold at a price of only $0.69 while its brand version was worth $5.88. A pill of generic Cialis was worth $1.19 while the brand version of tadalafil was being sold at a price of $5.88. Generic Levitra was worth $1.37 per pill.

I could not determine the methods of payment that Get Generic Pills was accepting. The drugstore did not charge for its shipping. All the meds were being shipped for free globally. The pharmacy was shipping all the medications via the Registered Airmail method only. When medications arrived, the buyer was required to sign. To order medications, a buyer was required to fill out a questionnaire. This questionnaire was then transmitted to a qualified physician who would then review it before approving the prescription. The order was being transmitted to one of the pharmacies that had contracted with for refilling. The drugstore promised their buyers that they would receive meds which would take more than 5 years before expiring and hence they were not supposed to be afraid when ordering their meds from Get Generic Pills.

The pharmacy had a 30-day money back guarantee. This could have made buyers trust the pharmacy since they would get back their money if the pharmacy failed to deliver what they had already ordered. The drugstore was not, however, accepting medication returns. They explained this indicating that it would be against the federal laws. If the buyer received a defective product, the wrong product or the medications never arrived, Get Generic Pills was offering a free re-shipment of the medications. Buyers were allowed to reach Get Generic Pills either via the phone or via the email using the contact form which was available on the store contact page. Reviews

The web is full of drug stores which are fake. Believing just what you see on a drugstore website is not a good idea. Further digging is required if you are going to determine whether an online pharmacy is real or fake. The best thing to check which can tell you whether an online drugstore is fake or real is its testimonials.

I searched for reviews which could help me determine how Get Generic Pills was performing when it was online. I could not locate even a single testimonial for the drugstore. This is something I was not expecting since has a huge catalog. Therefore, I was expecting it to be serving a lot of customers.

All the pharmacies I have found online which have a large number of medications in their catalog and have nice services will always have testimonials. The fact that had a huge catalog but no reviews show that the pharmacy either did not have customers or it had some customers who were not pleased with the services the store offers. Both of these explain why the pharmacy is no longer online.

Trusting an online drugstore that has no reviews is not a good idea. could have been a scam site with a huge catalog and nice prices. If you get attracted to any of these in an online pharmacy, you could end up being tricked and your money stolen. Before buying meds from a pharmacy, it is extremely important to check the reviews to confirm its ingenuity. The best testimonials to trust are the ones available on third-party review-collecting websites. This is because the reviewed drugstore cannot manipulate them. Reviews 2018

Get Generic Pills did not have any 2018 reviews. The pharmacy disappeared from the internet way before 2018. What I did to determine the drugstore popularity is checking its domain address on a domain address scanning program known as Scam Adviser. I have captured the results I got below:

Getgenericpills Scam Adviser Report

Scam adviser could not determine where Get Generic Pills is located. This is not a good sign for a drugstore. A pharmacy is not supposed to hide where it is located. The pharmacy had been threat listed. Buying meds from the pharmacy could have been unsafe. A malware report was discovered on the drugstore website. I also scanned the drugstore domain address. Here are the results I got:

Getgenericpills Report was not recommended for both shopping and buying. Unlike great pharmacies, Get Generic Pills did not have a large number of visitors. shows that is a drugstore which could have been very risky. Coupon Codes was not having any coupon codes. The only saving chance I found on the drugstore is the free global shipping. The drugstore was ignoring the fact that most people who try to gain access to meds online are usually doing so in order to try and save money and hence coupons could be attractive.

Conclusion is a drugstore that did not appear to have much trust. The pharmacy probably failed due to the lack of customers. The drugstore did not have even a single testimonial both on its website and on third-party sites. The pharmacy had a huge catalog and low prices. It was only offering medications which have received FDA approval and hence they could have been safe to use.

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