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This article reviews the different acne treatment or product in the current market.

Reading up on and informing yourself on acne treatment reviews is very important, so that you will be up to date on the new findings on acne but you will also be able to learn about the different methods of treatment that are available for acne, how well they work and even where you can go to find them. Because acne is such a serious and bothersome condition, this is even more reason as to why something such as acne treatment reviews is so popular.

The Different Acne Treatment Reviews

One of the acne treatment products in particular which receives incredibly positive acne treatment reviews is Accutane. Accuntane is an incredibly powerful drug which is used in the treatment of acne. It is usually prescribed for about four to five months, and usually leads to clearing of acne for one year or more after the treatment is stopped. Although the success rates of Accutane have been very high, there are also many side effects and disadvantages to the drug that need to be taken into account, and which should be mentioned in any of the proper acne treatment reviews.

It is believed that the most damaging side effect of Accutane is serious birth defects, if it is taken during pregnancy, and so it is thus critically important for women to not take this drug while pregnant or nursing. As well, a woman who has taken Accutane should not get pregnant until at least a month after they have discontinued use, and only after that time is it safe to become pregnant. Accutane works by decreasing the amount of oil that is produced by the skins oil glands, and it may be as long as two months before you actually even see any improvement in your skin.

There is really no medicine that can be added in order to speed up the effects of this drug, and in fact, acne will often get even worse during the first few months or so of treatment. Tretinoin is another commonly prescribed medication for acne, and topical retinoids such as this are a derivative of vitamin A and are used for mild to severe inflammatory acne. They work by unclogging the pores and by preventing whiteheads and blackheads from forming. Although they do have a very high success rate they too have negative side effects, such as irritation and increased sun sensitivity. Acne reviews such as these are very important to know about, especially if you yourself are a sufferer of acne. The most important thing is that if you do suffer from acne there are forms of treatment out there that will be able to help you and get you feeling like your regular self again.

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