Review – Closed Drugstore that Lacked Delivery Proof
Reviews Review – Closed Drugstore that Lacked Delivery Proof is an online drugstore that does not exist on the web anymore. This drugstore was operating from Canada for approximately 1 decade. It was established back in 2008. The pharmacy focused on selling meds which have already received the FDA-Approval. I found its catalog to have been quite extensive. The drugstore was selling almost every major medication. Some of the meds available on the drugstore catalog include allergy meds, Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s meds, anticonvulsants, anti-depressants, anti-fungal meds, and others.

After checking the meds in the erectile dysfunction category, I realized that was selling their drugs at an affordable price although their prices were not the lowest online. A pill of generic Viagra would require the buyer to pay 0.80 dollars. For men who prefer using Vardenafil, a pill of Generic Levitra would cost them 1.73 dollars. Getting tadalafil would cost 1.02 dollars for each pill. The store was also selling brand Viagra at a price of $8.89 for a pill.

Health World was offering credit cards as a form of payment. The accepted credit cards included VISA, VISA Electron, Discover, and Mastercard. The other methods of payment included E-Check and Bank Wire Transfer. When paying for meds at Health World, I would have preferred using credit cards since this is the only way I could dispute any charges made by the drugstore. was offering to ship via two main methods. These are the trackable courier service and international unregistered mail. The trackable courier method would cost the buyer 50 dollars for each package. It would take approximately 7 to 9 days for medications to arrive. Registered Airmail was cheaper but it took much longer. The drugs would take approximately 14 to 21 days. The shipping method will cost 10 dollars. was not accepting medication returns. The drugstore indicated that this would be against the law. However, the drugstore had a money back guarantee. If the buyer was not satisfied with the medications he received, he could contact the drugstore and inform them of his situation. The drugstore would then offer either to re-ship medications or offer a refund. For all orders lost during the shipping process, was offering free re-shipping. did not have a live chat option. However, the drugstore made up for this with its contact form integration available on the contact page and phone numbers. The phone numbers buyers could use are +1 866 503 48 18(US) and +44 870 490 06 18 (UK). Reviews

When trying to determine whether an online pharmacy is really worth my time or not, I usually check the testimonials written by people who have already shopped for their meds in the drugstore. I could not locate any testimonials for in third-party reviews collecting sites. However, the pharmacy itself carried overly positive customer feedback in its testimonials page. Below, I have captured some of the reviews I managed to find:

Health-world Testimonials

44-year-old Tom reports that Health World pharmacy is worth its price. The drugstore price according to Tom is so great such that a buyer cannot think of purchasing his meds from another drugstore. Charlotte who is 62 years old says that after ordering medications online at, she has noticed a significant health improvement in her daughter. She reports that she is already aware he daughter’s disease might take a while to cure but she has already noticed the difference in her. Kathy says that Health World has never stopped to amaze. She even wants to know whether the drugstore has a fan club on Facebook.

By reading the above reviews, you will think that was a great online drugstore. However, reviews available on an official website page are not to be trusted. This is because the drugstore has access to these reviews and they can manipulate them to fool you. I have come across numerous online drug stores which have nice prices on their websites which turned out to be scam sites. Reviews 2018 is not online in 2018. Therefore, there is a possibility that the drugstore never had 2018 reviews. Below, I have captured more reviews available on archives website.

Health-world Reviews

Carmel who is 28 years old is very pleased with the services she received from The pharmacy offered her quick help. She is thankful for that. Mrs. Antonetti states that Health Word pharmacy made the difference between life and death for her. 33-year-old mark is also very happy with the services he received from His meds were delivered to him. He is thankful for the delivery. Coupon Codes

I searched the web to try and locate any coupon codes that buyers could have used at in order to reduce their medications prices. These do not exist. However, the pharmacy itself had some nice offers. I have captured them below:

Health-world Offers

If you happened to find another online pharmacy that offers meds at a price which was lower than that available at Health World, the drugstore would beat this price and offer you a 10% discount. For every order a buyer received, it would be accompanied by some bonus erectile dysfunction pills. The pharmacy was also offering free delivery via the regular airmail delivery method.


All the evidence available online about proves that this is a drugstore that you cannot trust 100%. The major reason why the drugstore couldn’t have been trusted is the fact that it lacks any proven testimonials. The prices for the drugs available on the drugstore site were cheaper than the price at which the local pharmacies sold these meds. However, these prices are not the lowest that I have come across online. The drugstore was accepting payment via credit cards. This is a good thing since buyers could dispute their charges.

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