Reviews Review – A Web Store with No Customer Reviews To Back-Up Promises was an online pharmacy that offered erectile dysfunction medicines to their customers among other medications. Based on its domain name, we assumed that this e-store was Indian based. We cannot confirm this though as its location was not disclosed on the website along with its operation date. offered different medications such as drugs for allergy, bacterial infection, convulsant, depression, fungal infection, viral infection, antibiotics, asthma, and gout. They also offered drugs for cancer, cardiovascular, inflammatory drugs, lung diseases, migraines, muscle relaxant, thyroid, pain medications, skin care, erectile dysfunction, and weight loss.

For erectile dysfunction, their bestsellers were generic Viagra for $1.08 per tablet, generic Cialis for $1.17 per tablet, generic Levitra for $2.22 per tablet, and generic Cialis Soft for $1.75 per tablet. Their branded Levitra for $10.25 was also a bestseller as well as Kamagra for $2.94 per tablet. Branded Cialis was also sold for $9.83 per pill while branded Viagra was sold for $5.08 per tablet. For other bestsellers, they also had Zithromax, Clomid, Propecia, Lasix, and Tamiflu.

Ordering from was easy and practical as they offered two shipping methods that customers can choose from. They offered Trackable Courier Service for $50 and International Unregistered Mail for $10. Trackable Courier Service takes up to 9 days for the delivery to be completed and up to 21 days for Registered Mail. For payment, this e-dispensary accepted credit card, electronic check, and bank wire transfer.

For queries and concerns, provided 1646 205 2937 or 866 417 5821 as their contact number. They also had a live chat support system during their operation while their contact us page was also available for customers who wanted to reach them thru email. Reviews

Finding customer reviews is one of the ways of determining a web store’s reputation. We are disappointed to find no third-party reviews for Indian Generics, hence we settled with the reviews found on their testimonial page.

Indian-generics Reviews

Most of the testimonials we found on the testimonial page of were one-liners. One customer said he received good help from the support team and another said he never had to worry about side effects. One user also claimed that was a wonderful website and he never had an issue ordering from them. Caril, another customer said that the service he received from this e-store exceeded his expectation. Lastly, Muddy added that the customer service of Indian-generics was beyond excellent.

The testimonials that we found focused on three things – effective drugs, excellent service, and quick service. These are good reviews but because these are from the testimonial page of, we are bound not to consider this feedback as reliable. The risk of them being fake reviews is too high. Reviews 2018 has been down for a few months now and after exhausting our resources, we are unable to find customer reviews shared this year. For now, since the only reviews found were from their own site, we can say that this e-store was not able to back up their claims, as there was no customer review to attest to it. Coupon Codes

Indian-generics Perks

Most internet drugstores take advantage of coupon codes as a way to win new customers. It is their way of ensuring that possible new customers will consider them while old customers will consider coming back.

During their run, did not release any store coupon codes. What they offered to their customers were free pills in all orders. This means that all orders come with free sample pills from

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that offered generic medicines to their worldwide customers. Their pricing was a bit high as compared to other online pharmacies especially their branded medication offers.

We noticed that most of their ED medications were sold for more than $2 per pill when most Indian generic ED drugs are sold for less than $2 per tablet. Their branded Cialis for $9.83 and branded Levitra for $10.25 are of the same prices as those sold in local pharmacies. During its operation which was between 2008 to 2017, we can say that their pricing was a bit high.

We appreciate the fact that they offered different options in terms of shipping and payment. We also find their extensive list of medicines a good one.

What we find doubtful about were their on-site customer reviews. They had some customer reviews that can be found on their own testimonial page. All reviews were short and sweet. As an online consumer, we believe that there is always a room for improvement in terms of service and products delivered but seems to have perfected it based on the testimonials we found. Because of this, we strongly believe that the reviews were compromised and were probably owned or written by the operator of this e-store. It was even sadder to be unable to find customer reviews from reliable third-party review sites.

Lastly, without personal information such as location, office address, and history or background, we have to consider as not a reliable online pharmacy that operated a few years ago.

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