Reviews Review – A Canadian Pharmacy Closing Soon is an online pharmacy that has its location in Canada. This pharmacy did not indicate when it was established. However, the drugstore indicates that it would be closing its website on July 13th, 2018. The pharmacy attributes the website closure a plea agreement they had entered into with the US Department of Justice.

The pharmacy had numerous medications on its catalog. These include medications for both human beings and pets. The drugstore offered medications which would require you to get a prescription first and medications which would not require you to get a prescription. There were no controlled medications on the pharmacy catalog. This assured me that the pharmacy does not sell medications which have not been approved by the FDA.

The reason why men and women buy from an online pharmacy and have to wait for probably weeks before their meds arrive is so that they can save their money. I decided to check and see whether buying meds at is affordable. I checked the prices for erectile dysfunction medications. The drugstore had both brand and generic impotence medication. Brand Viagra was a little bit expensive with a single pill costing $14.52. Generic Viagra was cheaper. A pill would require you to pay $8.71. In comparison to the price offered by other online pharmacies, is expensive. I have found online pharmacies which sell a pill of generic Viagra for as little as $0.29. Payments are made through credit cards.

If you are located in the United States, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, and Canada, your medications will be shipped for free. However, if you are ordering medications and you are located in any other country apart from the ones I have mentioned, the shipping charges will be $24. The shipping will take about 14 to 28 days. Jan Drugs offered Express shipping which will cost the buyer $24.99. Express shipping is much faster since the drugs will take a maximum of 3 to 9 days. To track your package, you will need to pay an extra $5.

The pharmacy allows returns. The drugstore has a 90-day return policy. If the drugstore dispensed your medications incorrectly or they were damaged, the drugstore will allow you to return them. To authorize a return, you have to call the pharmacy. indicated that they would cover the return postage for up to $12.95.

The pharmacy had a live chat option. However, when I checked if there was anyone to chat with, the drugstore indicated they were offline and recommended that I leave a message. The pharmacy has a toll-free number which is 1 866 395 3784. You can also email the drugstore via [email protected] If you prefer using fax, you can use their toll-free fax number which is 1 866 383 3784. Reviews

Even after spending a lot of time looking for reviews for, I could not locate any of them on third-party reviews site including the ones said they had their reviews. On the front page, I found 3 reviews. I have captured 2 of them here.

Jandrugs Reviews

M.W. from Texas reports that his order was taken care of quickly. He has been telling people in Texas about the great services that offers. The pharmacy also offered great prices. A.M. from Ohio reports that by ordering his medications from, he managed to reduce their prices by over 80% when compared with the price he would have to pay for the same medications in the United States. The delivery was within the time limit. After placing his order, he was called by a pharmacist who answered his questions and reviewed his medical history. He reports that he has gotten great services and huge cost savings. However, the value of on-site testimonials owned by the shop is not that big. Reviews 2018

As I had mentioned earlier on, the Jan Drugs reviews available on the internet were available on the official pharmacy website only. The drugstore did not indicate when these reviews were written. Below, I have captured the last review available on the Jan Drugs official site.

Jandrugs Testimonial

B.G. from Texas reports that although he does everything online, he finds ordering his meds from Jan Drugs via the phone much easier. All he has to do is call the pharmacy and order his meds. The medications are usually shipped immediately after the order has been placed. The drugs are much cheaper than the price he has to pay for the meds in Houston.

Trusting testimonials available on a pharmacy official website is not recommended. There are pharmacies which create fake reviews to attract buyers and then steal from these buyers. Based on the fact that Jan Drugs had only three reviews on its website and none on all other reviews collecting sites, we wouldn’t recommend this pharmacy to you. There are pharmacies with numerous proven testimonials you can use. Coupon Codes

I searched for coupon codes which I could use to reduce medication prices while using Jan Drugs. I could not locate any coupons. This means that a buyer will have to settle with the prices being offered by the drugstore which were fairly expensive. Drug stores which allow you to save money on your meds using coupon codes are available.


One thing I would like to note about is that the drugstore is fairly expensive. This means that if you are on a budget, buying drugs from the pharmacy is not a good choice. Another thing I did not like about the drugstore is the fact that it lacked proven reviews. The pharmacy also did not invest in creating coupon codes which would help the buyers lower the price of their drugs. Given that this pharmacy will be closing soon, it won’t be of much help to you.

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