Looking for a natural remedy for hyperthyroidism?

When the thyroid gland becomes excessively active, a condition called hyperthyroidism occurs. The thyroid gland, which is found at the base of the neck, starts releasing thyroxine more than necessary, thus speeding up the metabolism and all other functions within the body. This condition is classified in three types, but most patients develop the so-called Graves’ disease. The usual symptoms experienced by patients with hyperthyroidism include perspiration, insomnia, irritability, nervousness, and weight loss. Regardless of the amounts of food these people are consuming, their metabolism works too fast and they always experience weight loss. Although this condition is usually treated with medications, you can also try a natural remedy for hyperthyroidism that will help you feel much better. Whatever supplements you plan on using, you must always discuss the treatment with your doctor.

If you are willing to try a natural remedy for hyperthyroidism, you should go with bugleweed tablets. This herbal remedy has the potential of reducing the sweating, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, and nervousness. The product labels provide directions for the usage of this supplement, but your doctor’s recommendations are still unavoidable. Motherwort is another option you should consider. It helps by stopping heart palpitations. In order to use it for hyperthyroidism symptom treatment, you should get the loose herb and use one teaspoon in a cup of pure water. You can drink 2-3 cups of this remedy per day. Green tea is also recommended for balancing the thyroid’s function, because of its antioxidant effects. However, you should be careful not to drink too much green tea – one cup a day is more than enough.

The overactive thyroid can be calmed with lemon balm tea. This is really easy to make – just steep 2 tablespoons of lemon balm in a cup of warm water and you will have an effective natural remedy for hyperthyroidism. You can drink this tea as desired. Another herbal remedy you can try is scutellaria, which prevents and treats viral infections without acting as a stimulant to the immune system. This herbal remedy should be taken in the amount of 1,000 milligrams 3 times per day. Respiratory viruses can trigger and worsen hyperthyroidism in some affected people, therefore scutellaria is highly recommended.

Natural remedy for hyperthyroidism – What to avoid?

In order to keep your condition under control, you should make sure to avoid any herbs that act as stimulants, such as bladderwrack, ashwagandha, wheat grass, astragalus, and ginseng. Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine are strong stimulants that you should definitely avoid. Your condition cannot be treated with a simple natural remedy for hyperthyroidism – you need lifestyle changes that require giving up some of your bad habits and including healthy practices in your daily routine. Eliminate all potential allergens, such as food additives, preservatives, dairy, corn, soy, and wheat. Getting tested for food allergies is highly recommended for people who suffer from this condition. You should include large amounts of vegetables and fruits in your diet, because you need food that is rich in antioxidants. Avoid all types of white pasta, white bread, sugar, fatty meats, and processed foods.

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