Reviews Review – A UK Approved Pharmacy Delivering in Europe Only is a pharmacy that has its physical location in the United Kingdom. Although the pharmacy does not have this information on its website, the information was easy to determine since its default prices are in Euros and it has a .uk extension on its domain address. The pharmacy does have a large number of medications including those which can be used by pets. The medications available on the drugstore include arthritis medications, stop smoking, weight loss pills, family planning drugs, erectile dysfunctions pills and others. The pharmacy carries both brand and generic drugs.

I checked the price at which the pharmacy sells erectile dysfunction pills to determine whether the pharmacy is affordable. A pill of brand Viagra 100mg is sold at a price of only $9.34. Generic Viagra 100mg will cost a buyer $2.04. The prices offered by are not the cheapest. However, this pharmacy is much better than purchasing drugs in the local pharmacies. A pill of brand Viagra is sold at a price of $70. This is a price the common man who suffers from ED cannot afford. Generally, I can say that is affordable.

The drugstore does require a buyer to have a prescription script if the medication that he or she is purchasing is a prescription medication. The only medications a buyer can buy at without a prescription script are the over the counter medication.

The pharmacy uses three methods of shipping to deliver drugs. These are standard shipping, Express shipping, and premium express. The standard shipping is the cheapest while both the express and premium express are both expensive. The shipping cost varies depending on where medications are being shipped to and the content inside a package. For orders which contain food in them, the only shipping method available is the premium express shipping. The standard delivery method takes 2 to 3 days, express delivery takes 1 to 2 days. states that the management understands that their buyers may need to return their medications after ordering. However, the pharmacy does not accept any medication returns. If the pharmacy did deliver a faulty product, they accept returns as long as the buyer calls them within 10 days since the delivery was made.

The method of payment accepted on the site is the credit cards. The pharmacy does accept all major credit cards including Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, and Visa Electron. Contacting the pharmacy support department entails using either the drugstore phone number which is 0844 824 6302. Also, buyers can send the drugstore a message using the contact form available on the drugstore contact page. Reviews did not have reviews on its website. However, a simple search for its reviews online brought up a large number of customer testimonials available on Trustpilot. The pharmacy had managed to maintain a 5-star rating even after having been reviewed by over 550 clients. I have captured some of the reviews below:

Manorpharmacy Reviews

Simon reported that he enjoyed great service while using Manor Pharmacy. The drugstore has a nice price and he is happy to recommend it. The medications were delivered to Simon very quickly. For the awesome services, earned itself a 5-star rating.

Mrs. Davies says that she enjoyed excellent and quick service. The prices offered by were competitive. While ordering medications, she did not have any troubles. The drugstore had a simple and easy-to-follow procedure for an equine prescription. After placing her order, the medications arrived the next day. Mrs. Davies is happy to recommend Manor Pharmacy.

There is no doubt that sourcing medication at is safe. All the reviewers above have reported that the pharmacy is quick in its delivery. The medications delivered work and ordering is pretty simple. Reviews 2018

Drug stores do change. A pharmacy may be good in earlier years but then all of a sudden turn into a useless website. This is the reason I had to search for the reviews written by Manor Pharmacy buyers in 2018. The reviews were still positive. I have captured them below:

Manorpharmacy Reviews

To Denise, Manor Pharmacy was straightforward. There was no messing. She has rated the drugstore 5 stars. This indicates that the services she received satisfied her.

David reviewed after shopping on the drugstore for the very first time. He reported that he was impressed by the services he received from the pharmacy, The prescriptions for his dog were cheaper and exactly the same as the prescriptions his vet supplied to him. The pharmacy made sure that David had his order in the time that they had promised him. David was very happy with the shopping experience he had while dealing with Coupon Codes

I searched the web and I did not manage to find real coupons available for What I found were just deals which appeared fake to me. Also, on there were no coupon codes. The only offer I managed to notice is an offer for the shipping. Buyers were allowed to enjoy free standard shipping as long as they had purchased meds worth more than £25 which is equivalent to $30. I was expecting some more offers from the pharmacy such as some bonus pills and maybe an automatic discount like I am used to finding on online pharmacies. However, these were unavailable.

Conclusion is a safe pharmacy. The problem with this pharmacy is that it only ships medications in the EU region. The drugstore has a low price in comparison with local pharmacies. The delivery is quick and buyers are allowed to pay using credit cards. This is attractive considering that disputing charges is possible. requires prescription scripts. This is something people who have no access to a doctor won’t like.

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