Reviews Review – A Secure Pharmacy with Cheap Prices but No External Customer Reviews is an online pharmacy that I have come to realize operates from the United States. However, their drugs come from various countries as they claim they have several warehouses. Some of the countries orders are shipped from include Germany, Sweden, Singapore, Netherlands, Belgium, India, UK, and Hong-Kong. I have seen a lot of drugs displayed on this website. Among the great variety of drugs displayed, I noticed a large number of erectile dysfunction medications. The ones that caught my eyes are generic Priligy, brand & generic Viagra, brand & generic Cialis, and the generic Levitra. Depending on the number of pills purchased, they sell the brand generic Priligy for as low as $2.15 per pill, the brand Viagra is sold for $3.96 per pill and its generic is sold for $0.50 per pill; the brand Cialis goes for $3.91 per pill and its generic is sold at $1.20 per pill; and lastly, the generic Levitra goes for $1.22 per pill on this website. Though I’ve seen no pharmaceutical body accreditations on this website, one of their support staff assured me that all the drugs they sell are FDA approved and none contain any harmful substance. This support staff also told me that they have been operating for up to a decade.

Md-q Live Chat

Furthermore, all the clarifications I got from their support team about was via live chat, which indicates that their live chat service works great. I experienced no difficulty or delay in response. You can also contact their support via their US toll-free line on +18885247141. Here is an image of my chat conversation.

Additionally, I checked for the payment methods used on I discovered that you could make payments for your orders Via credit card or ACH( Automated Clearing House). The credit card payment reflects immediately but using the ACH transfer, your orders would be shipped immediately payment is received. Speaking of shipping, this pharmacy makes use of EMS and Airmail. If you make use of EMS which is an express service and comes with a online tracking, you would be charged $30 shipping fee and your order would arrive in 5 to 9 days. On the other hand, Airmail would cost you only $10 and would take 14 to 21 days to deliver orders. They have stated on their website that customers should give them 2 business days to process orders and ship them out. So you might want to add this to have an exact idea of when your order would arrive if you make use of this pharmacy.

I also checked their refund policy to determine if they accept refunds. They give refunds, but they refuse to give refunds if you didn’t get your order because you supplied the wrong address. However, if you dropped the correct address or your thee product received is not up to your satisfaction, you are eligible for a refund. If the product received does not reach your satisfaction, you can return parcel between 30 days. Once they get the parcel your refund would be processed. Reviews

I searched through the internet to get a hold of reviews of dropped by customers. Unfortunately, there aren’t any reviews about this pharmacy save for the reviews found on their website. The problem I have with testimonials published on pharmaceutical websites is that they can’t be trusted 100% since they a part of the content on the website, I mean they could be made up or edited for all I know. Nevertheless, I would share some with you.

Md-q Testimonial

This testimonial comes from Johnny. Johnny explains how hesitant he was to make use of this pharmacy, but in the end he was satisfied. He commends the efficacy and delivery of the drugs he ordered. He says “product was genuine”. He also went ahead to commend the support team of this pharmacy.

Md-q Testimonial

Mike is the second customer here who shares his experience with us. He commends their live chat service and he tells us that his order arrived discreetly containing the exact drugs he ordered from the website. He says “same as picture”.

These testimonials are both positive. They indicate that the Md-q satisfies its customers. However, do not forget as I stated earlier that these testimonials should not be trusted 100% as I got them from the pharmacy’s website. Reviews 2018

Sharing customer reviews from 2018 would have given us an idea of how well they have satisfied customers lately. But there are no external reviews and the reviews on their website do not have a date that would help determine when it was given. As such, it is impossible for us to ascertain the extent to which they have satisfied customers of recent. Coupon Codes

10% Discount Offer
10% Discount Offer

Searching through if there any discounts offered by which customers could take advantage of, I found a few

This offer gives customers of a access to 10% discount on all their next orders. So, to benefit from this, you simply have to make a reorder.

Free Delivery Offer
Free Delivery Offer

This offer gives you the opportunity to ship your orders at no charge when your orders are worth minimum $200.

Conclusion sells drugs at very cheap prices, the platform is also very secure and friendly to navigate. They also appear to have a good support team. The major drawback, however, is the absence of customer reviews from external sources. This is a drawback because we don’t know for sure the extent of their performance as on-site reviews cannot be 100% trusted. It is for this reason that I do not recommend this website to you. It is absolutely better for you to try another online pharmacy that has customer reviews from a trusted source.

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