Reviews Review – A Possibly Safe Drugstore Closed Due to the Efforts of Big Pharma Companies was an online pharmacy that focused on selling generic meds. The drugstore is not available online anymore. Its domain address was captured a while back by the authorities. The store had been in existence for more than a decade since it was founded back in the year 2002.

According to the information available on the drugstore captured page, the pharmacy was seized since it was involved in distributing counterfeit meds. I did my research to determine whether this information is true. I realized that it is all false. The drugstore is one of the many drugstores which have been closed as the Big Pharma tries to safeguard its overly expensive meds. Online pharmacies are generally more than 90% cheaper than the local pharmacies. Buyers who discover online pharmacies never source their meds in the local pharmacies again. To try and get the customers back, the Big Pharma is trying to close the cheaper alternatives. was selling a large number of meds. Its catalog was made up of more than 1000 pills which could be used in the treatment of different health complications. These included alcoholism meds, analgesics, anti-allergic meds, antibiotics, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, asthma meds, diabetes drugs, erectile dysfunction pills and others.

To determine whether the pharmacy was affordable, decided to check the price of erectile dysfunction meds. I found the site to have been very affordable. A pill of generic Viagra was being sold at a price of $0.72. Generic Cialis was being sold at a price of 1.33 dollars per pill. Generic Levitra cost males the most since it was being sold at a price of $1.56 per pill. Most of the generic erectile dysfunction treatments available on were being sourced from Indian Pharmaceutical companies.

The pharmacy had numerous payment methods. A buyer could have paid using credit cards, EuroDebit, Bank Wire Transfer, Online Check Payment, MoneyGram, and Western Union. The most preferred method among the 6 methods of payment is credit cards. This is because disputing charges is possible unlike when you use the other payment methods.

After paying for their medications, buyers could expect to receive their meds either via courier services or the standard international airmail. The courier services usually took approximately 5 to 9 days. This method cost buyers 20 dollars. The standard international airmail shipping method was free. This method, however, took longer since medications got delivered within a period of 10 to 21 days.

Buyers were only allowed to cancel their orders within a period of 24 hours after placing their order. The pharmacy was accepting medication returns and also offering refunds for the returned medications. The drugstore was re-shipping damaged and lost products or offering a full refund. Contacting the customer support department was easy. The pharmacy had invested in a live chat option. The pharmacy also had three phone numbers. These included +1 800 532 4808 (US toll-free), +1 718 887 3424 (Regular US), and +44 200 222 7084 (Regular UK. Reviews did not have any reviews available on external reviews collecting sites. The only testimonials available for the drugstore were on its official website. I have captured some of these reviews below:

Medrx-one Reviews

James is thankful to which got his medications to him. The medications had a similar quality to the ones he was sourcing in the local pharmacies. However, prices were much better. They made it possible for him to afford his medications. Geilert reported that his order had been delivered. The delivery was prompt for him. He appreciated the bonus attached to his official order.

The reviews available on official website could have been a marketing stunt. This means that trusting them is not recommended. There are rogue pharmacies which create fake reviews in order to display a polished picture of their operations. This can influence medications shoppers and lead them to buy their meds from rogue pharmacies without realizing it. The best reviews to trust should be available on a third-party reviews collecting website where the pharmacy being reviewed cannot access them and manipulate them. Reviews 2018 was seized either before 2018 or at the very beginning of 2018. This means that its testimonials written in 2018 are not available. I have captured more reviews available on the drugstore website below:

Medrx-one User Feedback

Larry reported that he had already received his product. He was very pleased with the bonus the pharmacy had added to his order. He indicated that he would be ordering again in a few weeks. The second reviewer was happy with a coupon offer he received from His Viagra arrived in time. He says that he enjoyed dealing with Mario reports that his 4 Cialis pills were delivered. He also received some additional pills as a bonus. He enjoyed sourcing his meds at Coupon Codes did not invest in creating coupon codes to help their customers in saving money while buying meds in the drugstore. However, the drugstore had some nice offers on its official websites. Buyers were receiving free erectile dysfunction pills. The number of pills a buyer received depended on the number of pills he or she was paying for. The drugstore was also offering free standard airmail shipping for all its customers regardless of the number of pills they had purchased.

Conclusion is a drugstore that has already been seized. The authorities claim that the drugstore got seized for participating in trafficking counterfeit drugs. However, this is not the truth. The Big Pharma is behind the pharmacy closure as it tries to safeguard its expensive meds which are threatened by the cheaper meds online pharmacies offer. had nice prices. Also, the drugstore was offering a huge catalog which made it extremely easy for buyers to get all their meds in a single online drugstore. The drugstore did not have proven reviews which means trusting it was never a good idea.

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