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Reviews Review – Sells a Variety of Medicines for Various Uses is a Canadian online pharmacy that sells a wide range of pharmaceutical products. The domain name of its site might imply that it only sells meds and products which are used by men but is actually just like any other online pharmacy on the web. It is not a specialty online pharmacy that sells a limited range of specific drugs but it has the same wide selection as most of the pharmacy websites similar to it. Maybe the reason why decided to use its domain name is because of its bestselling products which are medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile dysfunction is a common condition experienced by elderly men and ED meds are meds used to get rid of its symptoms.

On the top part of its page, it has quick access links where users can immediately go to the product page of medicines like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Kamagra; the most popular ED brands today in the market. Scrolling down on its page, users will see the exact same medicines occupying the top spots of its bestsellers list. Based on this observation, we can tell that ED meds are the most popular products of And although it has lots of other products than ED drugs, its customers visit its site specifically for these products. It’s not hard to figure out why and the reason is because the ED meds sold by are so cheap that when compared to the meds which at the local pharmacies, customers will save for up to 90%.

The ED meds which are being sold by are cheap for the reason that these drugs are generic medicines. This means that these drugs are not manufactured by their original manufacturers but were produced by other pharmaceutical companies. Though this is the case, generic drugs have similar active components to their branded counterparts which means that using them will give the users the exact same effects. The generics ED meds sold by are also of good quality and are safe to use as these drugs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for safety and effectiveness. Not only the ED meds of have this approval of safety from the FDA but also the rest of its product selection. The product sources of are pharmaceutical companies which have the certification of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) from the World Health Organization (WHO). These pharma companies are located in different countries such as Australia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand, India, and Canada; countries where the quality standards for drug manufacturing is high so customers can be confident of the value of the drugs they buy at

Customers are required to create an account on the site of if they wish to purchase meds from its selection. Without an account, buyers will not be able to purchase anything as a guest since anonymous purchases are not required on its site. But after customers have succeeded in registering an account with, they should log in and only then will they be able to check their orders out. Another requirement that has for its customers is prescriptions. In buying its prescriptions drugs, customers will not be able to check their purchases out without sending their scripts. There are two ways provided by for sending prescriptions and the first one is through fax. Shoppers should simply fax their valid prescriptions to its fax number which is +44 203 519 0209. The second way to send scripts to is through email. Buyers are required to send a scanned copy of their prescriptions to an email address which is [email protected] After receives the prescriptions, only then will the orders be processed. Reviews

The user reviews below are from the testimonials section of which means that these are onsite reviews. Onsite reviews should not be taken as genuine reviews as these may have just been fabricated or edited by the site’s administrators to make their site more reputable. The true gauge that users should use in evaluating an online pharmacy is third-party reviews which are transparent and unbiased. But let’s take a look at these reviews and read what they have to say for the site.

Mens-health-ph User Reviews

David, a customer of only gave a brief review for the pharmacy store where he commends the site as superb and true to their word. David did not mention anything about an issue that got resolved by the site or any specifics as to why he gave that comment but he appears to be happy and satisfied with his time with

What Carlos was obviously referring to in his review for were the results that he got in using the ED pills that he purchased from the site. He was so thankful to the site that he recommended it to his fellow workers.

The next review was from a client of named James who thanks the site for a great job of sending his meds to his location. His comment about the product that he received was it was of the same quality as the ones that he bought from the local pharmacies. But according to James, the difference was the affordable prices which are offered by that helped him afford his medication. Reviews 2018

Again, the reviews below are onsite reviews from Customers should look for third-party reviews in checking a site’s true reputation to keep themselves safe in choosing an online pharmacy to purchase meds from.

Mens-health-ph User Review

This review for was from an anonymous customer, thanking the store for the coupon offer that he got. The medicine that he purchased was Viagra and it arrived right on time. The user adds that it was a pleasure to do business with

A customer named Mario only gave a review to let know that he has already received the ED pills that he has ordered as well as the freebies that came with it. Coupon Codes

Mens-health-ph Coupon Code

This coupon code above can be used by the customers on the checkout page to get a 5% discount off their purchases. Aside from this coupon discount offer, also offers free shipping to the orders of their clients. For customers who will be able to make an order with a total price of $150, their meds will be shipped free of charge.


It might appear that only sells medications for men because of its domain name but it’s actually the same as most online pharmacies that sell a variety of medicines for various uses. But on its bestsellers list are meds for ED, generics with prices which are much cheaper than the local brands. Since we didn’t find any credible reviews to prove the quality of their pharmacies, we advise buyers to check their other options on our top list of recommended providers.

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