Reviews Review – A Non-Existent Medication Shop with High Prices was a drugstore that did not mention when it was founded or where it had its physical location. However, after using a domain scanning program, I managed to determine that was hosted in Ukraine and the domain address had been active for 12 years. The drugstore website was rather chaotic. All the details on the site were congested which made it extremely hard for buyers to figure out what was going on.

The drugstore had a fairly wide catalog. The drugs available on its catalog included erectile dysfunction pills, weight loss medications, hormones, asthma meds, diabetes drugs, blood pressure pills, and others. To determine whether the pharmacy was selling any of these meds at a price that buyers could afford, I decided to check the price of the erectile dysfunction meds. A pill of Silagra (generic Viagra) was being sold at a price of 6.73 dollars. A pill of Kamagra (generic Viagra) was worth 6.73 dollars. A pill of generic Cialis was cheaper than generic Viagra. The pill was worth 6.44 dollars. The price was averagely high on I have come across other web pharmacies which offer the same pills at a price that is over 60% less. was accepting payments via three main methods. These included VISA, MoneyGram, and bank to bank transfers. The best method to use among these three methods is the credit card option. This method will allow the buyer to dispute the charges made by a pharmacy to his credit card. After paying using the other methods, getting money back would be impossible. appeared to have preferred the use of credit cards while paying for meds.

The pharmacy did not have a prescription policy that forbids buyers from receiving meds if they ordered without a prescription script. The only thing the drugstore indicated is that whether or not a buyer would need a prescription script while ordering meds would depend on the country and the medication that he or she ordered. The store indicated that they trust that the buyer had a prescription for the medication that he or she had ordered. was not clear on the methods of shipping it was using. The store indicated that meds were shipped in discreet packages. After the medications had reached the buyer, the pharmacy did not require him or her to sign anything. After medications had left, the pharmacy was not accepting any returns. All orders were being processed in a period of about 1 to 2 business days. After the processing, shipping was initiated immediately and meds took approximately 7 to 21 days to reach the buyer.

My Pharma Shop did not have a phone number, a live chat option, or a custom contact form. This seemed strange to me. The only way buyers could contact the drugstore was via ticketing. For this to work, a potential client had to create an account. This is one thing that could have discouraged buyers from using Reviews

I searched for reviews online. I could not locate any testimonials on third-party review-collecting sites. When I checked the drugstore website captured on the web archives, I found that the store had a large number of reviews. All of them were positive. I have captured these reviews below:

Mypharmashop User Comments

The first reviewer thanked the drugstore for delivering his order quickly. He reported that he would recommend the drugstore services to his friends and business partners. The second reviewer reported that had great customer care department and his meds got delivered. The third testimonial indicated that the buyer had received his remaining order. The reviewer thanked for being reliable. The rest of the reviews above also indicated the same thing. The buyers said that they had received their order and they would be re-ordering again.

The above reviews could have been real or fake. Pharmacies usually create testimonials and place them on their websites in order to entice customers. Trusting on-site pharmacy testimonials could easily lead any buyer into a scam pharmacy trap. You may end up receiving either fake pills or nothing at all. The best thing to do is only believe proven testimonials. These are usually available on third-party reviews collecting websites. Reviews 2018

I could not locate any reviews for written in 2018. The drugstore most recent testimonial appeared to have been written back in 2015. I searched My Pharma Shop domain address on Scam Adviser. Here are the results that I got:

Mypharmashop Scam Adviser

The drugstore had an above average safety rating. Although scam adviser indicated that the pharmacy looked safe to use, I wouldn’t have recommended using it. The 77% safety rating is great for a common website. However, for a drugstore that takes people’s money and also focuses on the sale of medication, this rating is still low. Coupon Codes did not have coupon codes or promo codes on third-party sites. However, the pharmacy was offering some discounts to its buyers on its official website. I have captured these offers below:

Mypharmashop Offers

When a buyer used the coupon code FREESHIPPING, he or she was getting free shipping regardless of where he or she resided. This coupon could only be used by 1st-time buyers. The pharmacy was offering a 5% discount for WU, MG and for all orders which exceeded 650 euros.


According to Scam Adviser, could have been trusted. However, this pharmacy lacked proven reviews. There is a high chance that the reviews available on the drugstore site were not real. was not very affordable. The store had extremely high prices for generic meds when compared to a large number of online pharmacies which sell the same meds.

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