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New Healthy Man was an online pharmacy whose headquarters was located at Panama City, Republic of Panama. This site, just like other online drugstores, was a typical pharmacy site except that its selection of products was not as large as what the local drugstores had. Primarily, what it sold were generic medicines and what took up a large percentage of its selection were drugs for treating erectile dysfunction (ED). Its other products were medicines for weight loss (Lipitor), hair loss (Propecia), and also anti-inflammatory drugs and other medications for pain. New Healthy Man was not what you can call a complete online pharmacy but its range of products was carefully selected based on the most on-demand medicines on the market.

Unfortunately, New Healthy Man’s site has already been closed and it’s no longer possible to access its website. It’s such a shame because the products of New Healthy Man were more affordable than most online pharmacies on the web. Before the site disappeared permanently on the internet, it left no notice or whatsoever and its closing down was a shock to many of its clients. Up to this day, there are no clear reasons why the site has just stopped operating. Its IP address can no longer be found and the only way to view the remnants of its site is to browse for it on the web archives.

When the site was still working, New Healthy Man had a section on its site which is named New Products. On this part of its website, New Healthy Man added new medicines on a regular basis to increase its product range. The products that it added were based on what medicines its customers needed, keeping its selection of drugs relevant. But the customers of New Healthy Man were only able to find what they needed to some extent as it’s evident that its selection of drugs is quite limited for an online pharmacy. Nevertheless, New Healthy Man still had a following of regular customers who were simply buying the same medicines on a steady basis.

To make sure that its clients are safe from outside threats, New Healthy Man used SSL encryption to safeguard the sensitive data that its customers are sending to its site. The online safety of its customers were among the priority of New Healthy Man when it was still in business, ensuring its clients from all over the world that it is safe to shop on its site. To prove its seriousness on the matter, they have even used the services of two different data encryption providers—GeoTrust and RapidSSL, and even offered warranty to their clients worth $10,000 USD.

Before its customers were able to buy from its website, New Healthy Man required their clients to register for an account. Guest or anonymous purchases were not possible on its site as customers must sign in before they can check their orders out. Whether New Healthy Man required its clients to provide prescriptions for their prescription products, we can’t be certain. This information has not been clarified on the archived pages of its site but due to the site’s strict security policy, it’s a likely possibility that it required its customers to provide scripts whenever they bought prescription meds.

As to New Healthy Man’s accepted payment methods when it was still operating, we also can’t tell for sure if it has accepted any payment means other than credit card payments. The archived information about its site is only limited which means these details can be left to speculation. Ninety (90) percent of the orders at New Healthy Man were shipped within just 24 hours and the rest, within 48 hours. Their shipping fees were fixed at $20 USD and the arrival time of the orders is within 10 to 15 days. All of the orders from them can be tracked, a feature that gave peace of mind to many of its clients before. Reviews

The only reviews available for New Healthy Man were its on-site reviews back when it was still available. Third-party reviews for the site are already difficult to obtain since the site has already been closed for years. As the readers will notice, these on-site reviews are overly-positive which means that there’s a great possibility that these reviews were made-up. Nevertheless, let’s check these testimonials for the site.

New Healthy Man User Reviews
New Healthy Man User Reviews

Having had his share of getting scammed on the web, a customer named William Smith of Ohio was just glad to find New Healthy Man, a reliable vendor that provided him his needed medicines. The score that he has given for the site is 5 stars.

A customer from New York named Richard Brown mentions that he has been ordering all kinds of stuff from New Healthy Man. But due to its limited range of products, he just wishes that he could order everything from its site.

This last review is from a customer named Liam N. from Bronx who gave New Healthy Man a score of 5 stars for its best price, best quality products, and fast shipping of orders. Reviews 2018

Based on the archived information about New Healthy Man, its site has operated from 2010 up until 2016 which tells us that it had a good 6 years of selling meds before disappearing. No reviews are available for the site anymore except for those which were on its site before closing down. The site left no leads on why it has decided to stop its operations, leaving many people puzzled up to this day. Coupon Codes

New Healthy Man Special Deals
New Healthy Man Special Deals

On the section of its site which is called Featured Generics, New Healthy Man offers generic meds at special deals such as this one. In buying 60 pills of generic Levitra which is $3.30 per pill, customers will get 15 additional pills for free. Buyers also don’t have to pay shipping fees anymore on this deal as it’s already included on the package.


New Healthy Man could’ve been among the best online pharmacies today had it not shut down. The reason for the termination of its operations is still unknown as the site just ceased to exist. But even if this site’s no longer available, there are still lots of other viable pharmacy alternatives that the customers can shop at. Our list of top recommended pharmacies has great options that the customers can select from and these sites have even better offers.

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