Reviews Review – After 9 Years in the Business Was Shut Down by the US Government was an online pharmacy and was one of the victims of Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII. Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII was a joint operation headed by the US government thru its Homeland Security agency. It partnered with different international agencies such as the Europol in an effort to stop cybercrime. According to the page of the HSI, cybercrime includes selling counterfeit or unapproved medicines online and this was the reason for the seized order they gave to was no longer in operation because of the seized order from the Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII.

Online Pharma-Shop had been operating for nine years before they were stopped by the US government. On their page, they are proud to say that they were one of the leading online pharmacies on the web and had been providing affordable medications to their customers worldwide. This could be one of the reasons why they were seized by the US government. According to some analysts, online pharmacies are being shut down by big pharmaceutical companies because of their increasing popularity. With their increasing popularity, drug sales of big pharmaceutical companies are dwindling down and it was because of the high prices of branded medicines.

Onlinepharma-shop was one of those online pharmacies that offered a wide range of medications. We are surprised to see at least 30 medical categories that they catered to and hundreds of medicines to offer. They offered common drugs such as pain relievers, anti-allergies, eye care, weight loss pills, and hair loss products. The also offered prescription medicines such as cancer drugs, depression drugs, anxiety pills, erectile dysfunction drugs, and drugs to lower blood sugar, high blood level, and high cholesterol among others. For prescription medicines, there was no need to present a prescription when ordering.

For their bestsellers, most were under the erectile dysfunction category. They offered generic Viagra for $0.69 per tab and generic version of Levitra for $1.50 per pill. Their generic Cialis Super Force was also offered part of their bestseller at $2.22 per tablet. From the list, we also found generic Cialis that was sold for $.30 per pill and generic Cialis Soft for $1.45. Other medicines under the bestseller lists included Cipro, Diflucan, Priligy, Addyi, Zithromax, Clomid, Lasix, and Amoxil.

Orders were paid with a credit card. This was the only payment method accepted by Customers were able to choose between Express International Mail and Standard International Mail for their shipping options. Express Shipping costs $30 while Standard Shipping costs $10. Aside from price difference, these shipping methods also varied when it comes to delivery time.

This e-store had a Reimbursement and Returns Policy but it was not available on the web archived. had a phone support team that can be reached at 800 532 808, 718 475, 9088, and 44 203 011 0241. Onlinepharma-shop also had a contact us page for those who did not want to call, they could send them a direct message about their issues and inquiries. Reviews

Onlinepharma-shop operated for nine years and we expected a lot from them after seeing what they can offer. Sadly, we are unable to find any customer reviews that can prove their claims about their excellent service and products. What we found were testimonials on their own page which we don’t deem as reliable.

Onlinepharma-shop Reviews

Based on the on-site reviews of that were shared by Mark, Mike, DN, and Brian, this online pharmacy:

  • Delivered on time
  • Delivered pills that work
  • Had delivered an impressive service
  • Did follow-ups to ensure that customer orders were received
  • Delivered products within 7 days
  • Made customers happy and very satisfied

The reviews of were positive ones which we often expect when a review was shared on the testimonial page of the e-store. This means that the testimonials were too good to be true and were fake. With their nine years of experience, it was really off not to see any reliable customer review for this e-store. Reviews 2018 had been closed for some time now hence new reviews, especially for 2018 were no longer available. Even on their own testimonial page, they do not have 2018 reviews. Coupon Codes did not offer any coupon codes for their customers to use during their run. What they had were perks and promotions. Among the promotions they offered were giving away free pills and free shipping on eligible orders. Free pills range from 4 pills up to 20 pills depending on the number of pills ordered by the customer.

Onlinepharma-shop Promotions

They also offered discounts to returning customers and a referral bonus to customers who referred to their friends and families.

Conclusion was a 9-year-old online pharmacy that was closed down by the US government in its effort to put a stop to cybercrime such as selling counterfeit products like medicines. We agree to support this effort by the US government and its partner international agencies like Europol but we wished to see more information whenever they give a seized order.

For example, they closed down with even showing any evidence on the website (just a seized order). had been a source of affordable medications for its consumers worldwide and now that it was closed, we can’t imagine how its customers were having a hard time finding a new online pharmacy to trust. Still, without a reliable customer review, we tend to assume that the Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII is also right in seizing this e-store. If they were able to operate for nine years, how come they didn’t have any customers to give them a review!

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