Reviews Review – An Online Pharmacy with Cheap Prices Serving Only the United States is an online pharmacy operates from British Columbia, Canada. The date in which they stated operation has not been revealed on their site, as such, I did a further research on their domain name and discovered that it is over a decade old, precisely 14 years old. This is quite a long time. This online pharmacy is certified by CIPA and a handful of other regulatory bodies. This indicates that the drugs offered by the website are FDA approved. It offers both prescription and generic meds. For you to get drugs on this site, you would have to search the medication name. So, I searched the commonest erectile dysfunction drugs to see if this pharmacy sells them and at what price. I found the brand Viagra and its generic on this website. 4 tablets of the brand Viagra 100 mg is sold for $59.59, while 12 tablets of the generic are sold for $25.40. I also searched for Cialis and found out that 4 tablets of the 20 mg brand Cialis is sold for $55.85 and 8 tablets the generic is sold for $20. Another common Ed med I did not leave out of my search on this pharmaceutical website is Levitra. They sell 12 tablets of the 20 mg brand Levitra at $86.70 and 30 tablets of the generic Levitra at $39. These prices are quite reasonable, I must say.

Payments on this website are done via Personal Cheques, E-check, International Money Order, and bank Certified Cheques. To pay with your card, you would have to do that via phone. This platform collects card information via call for security purposes. Note that the shipping charge is a flat rate of $9.95 per order made with the exception of overweight orders and special shipping requirements. The shipping vendor they make use of is not disclosed. Moreover, orders shipped out arrive in 2 to 4 weeks. It is paramount that you are aware of the fact that shipments are done only to the United States. And drugs are shipped from various affiliate dispensaries in Canada, USA, Turkey, UK, Canada, Mauritius, India, Singapore, and New Zealand. It appears to be contracted with affiliate pharmacies and dispensaries in the countries mentioned from where it sources its drugs cheaply.

Furthermore, I have noticed that this platform does not have a live chat service. Hence, to talk with their customer care reps, you can do that via their toll-free line; 1-866-293-3904. In addition, they have stated in their return policy that all sales are final. In other words, once you make a purchase on this platform, there is no such thing as returning for refunds or reshipments. Reviews

I checked if there are external reviews on Pharma Passport, so I can determine its trustworthiness and how well it satisfies its customers. Searching through the web, I found a few reviews on Pharma Passport in the review section of, a reliable review website. These reviews are quite impressive and attest that this pharmaceutical platform is trustable.

Pharma Passport Customer Review
Pharma Passport Customer Review

This customer sounds satisfied with his experience purchasing meds on Pharma Passport. He commends the ease in placing orders on this website. Also adding that Pharma passport is a “trustworthy website”.

Pharma Passport Review
Pharma Passport Review

This other review comes from Keri who also seems satisfied by Pharma Passport. She also says that they are “trustworthy”; commending their support, shipping speed, and medication prices. From these reviews which are independent and trustable, I can say this pharmacy has a great reputation, building trust with their customers by utterly satisfying them with a professional service. Based on these reviews, I can say this pharmacy is reputable. Reviews 2018

The reviews shared earlier are from 2015, which all indicate that Pharma Passport has a great reputation. Nevertheless, we have got to know if they have maintained this good reputation over the years. To do this I would share with you recent reviews to determine their performance in recent times. However, I have encountered a problem finding recent reviews about Pharma Passport. Though there are testimonials on their website, these testimonials lack a date. Hence, I am unable to verify if they are recent or old. The lack of recent external reviews could be as a result of a poor promotion in recent times. For this reason, I cannot say for certain the current level of their performance in the satisfaction of customers. This is quite an issue because you never can tell if they have maintained their good services or not. Hence there is a risk involved regarding your experience. Coupon Codes

In most cases, online pharmacies offer their customers coupons to help them save on their orders. I searched through this website for coupons or any form of discounts and found out that no form of discounts are offered at the moment. This could be as a result of the fact that this platform mainly gets the lowest online prices for meds, helping customers save up to 70%. In any case, there are no coupons or discounts available for this website.

Conclusion has very easy to use and a secure platform. This is great since it implies that navigating the site to get meds is easy and the information you supply is secure. Its prices are low and can attract new customers. Additionally, a wide variety of drugs can be gotten on this website. However, a major drawback is the limited reach. If you are outside the United States, you cannot enjoy their service. Another drawback is the lack of recent reviews. Though they have mostly good external reviews, they are not recent. Therefore, I am not certain of their recent performance. This makes it difficult to make a conclusion on what to expect from this pharmacy. You may try them out if you wish, though I advise you try out another pharmacy with recent positive reviews.

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