Reviews Review – A Short-Lived Online Pharmacy is an online pharmacy that started out back in the year 2008 but regrettably discontinued its operations three (3) years later back in the year 2011. It used to be a decent online drugstore that sells a wide array of high-quality and affordable medicines to its customers but it had to close down due to reasons that were not discussed by its administrators. Many of its customers were baffled by the site’s closure, forcing them to look for a different source in purchasing their medicines on the web.

The drugs that sells are medicines of good quality and this is one of the reasons why the site had a lot of customers from different parts of the world. The site’s exact physical location might be somewhere in the UK or in the US because of its large market scope but there’s no way to know for sure since the information available concerning is very limited. The only data available for the site are only those which are archived and other than that, there’s no more that could be found. Most of the products of are generic medicines which are sourced from renown pharmaceutical companies from all over the globe. Generic medicines are cheaper versions of the costly branded drugs but since they have the same active ingredients, this makes these drugs just as effective. These generic drugs sold by are also certified safe and effective for use as they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

On the bestsellers list of, what users will find on the top are pills for treating erectile dysfunction (ED). When its site was still active, many have used for the purpose of buying ED drugs since the locally sold ones are so expensive, having prices that fetch for up to $90 USD per pill. At, ED pills are sold for as low as $1.07 USD per pill which is more than 95% cheaper than the brands sold at the local pharmacies. Since the customers save a lot of money and are able to buy more of their needed medications at, the site became a good alternative source of medicines especially those who are on a budget.

Wherever the customers may be around the world, can send their orders to them since it has partnered with reliable courier services for delivering orders. The standard wait time for the deliveries to arrive is 2 to 3 weeks and this is the only shipping option that they offer, the International Unregistered Mail. The medicines are also packaged discreetly by to protect the privacy of its customers. For clients who would like to cancel their orders at, they can do so by contacting its customer support team within 24 hours after placing their orders. If the orders to be canceled were made past the 24-hour period, can no longer cancel the orders. Back when it was still in business, also offers refunds or reshipments for damaged or lost orders. Customers should simply call its hotlines and the customer representatives will be processing their requests whichever option they prefer to have.

Clients who will be needing assistance from can contact its customer service hotlines which are +1 866 417 5821 for US customers, +44 870 471 8431 for UK customers, and +1 646 205 2937 for international shoppers. For those who have no telephones for calling, also used to offer live chat support where the customers can speak with the chat representatives through chat and have their concerns sorted out with the advice of their well-trained personnel. can also be contacted through email and it can be done by simply going to its Contact Us page. Reviews

Carl Triper, a customer of, thanks the site for the email that he has received. He might have had a previous inquiry that he sent through email and was pleased with the response that the got from’s email team. The pills that Carl bought worked “so great” for him that it was beyond his expectations. The results that he might have experienced are superb, giving him satisfaction.

Pills-dot User Reviews

The reason for the review given by Goran was about the speed on which he received the pills that he has ordered. Though he didn’t mention the date when he ordered his meds, Goran comments that the delivery of his orders was “very fast indeed”. He is very much thankful to for this experience that he had.

For the customer named Muddy River, what pleased him in his transaction with is its outstanding customer service. He must’ve had some questions while he was ordering his pills and asking the customer service representatives helped him get his concerns dealt with.

The speedy arrival of his ordered Cialis pills was the reason for the review given by Santos, another customer of His meds arrived faster than his expected date.

As much as we would like to believe that these reviews are genuine, we can never be 100% sure as these are only on-site reviews and not reviews that came from third-party sites. There’s a good chance that these testimonials are altered to bring more customers in. Reviews 2018 has already been closed for years now and its most recent reviews were dated back in 2011. Its site is no longer active and information about it can only be obtained through the web archives. Most of its customers have already looked for other alternatives on the web as there are a lot of online pharmacies which has the same offers and are still operating. Coupon Codes

Pills-dot Discount & Free Sample Pills

For each order that the customers will make, they are entitled to get free sample pills with their order as additional pills that they can use. These pills may be similar to what the customers have bought or different ones, we do not know as only those customers who have purchased from them before know what those pills are. also offers 8% discounts to their clients but this may be subject to conditions such as a certain purchase requirement.

Conclusion is a short-lived online pharmacy that only operated from 2008 up to 2011 which was only three (3) years. It was a cheap place to buy meds from in that short period of time because it offered low prices. We couldn’t confirm how was the quality of those products though. But now that the site is already closed, customers should find a different place to purchase from and the best place to look is at our top list of recommended providers.

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