Pillsfind.Com Review – A Fair-Priced Drugstore Which Has Been Listed as a Rogue Pharmacy is an online pharmacy whose location has not been disclosed on its website. However, based on the fact that the drugstore website offers free shipping to all the US-based clients, I assumed there is a very high likelihood of the pharmacy being United States-based. The drugstore does not indicate when it was founded.

The pharmacy focuses on offering authentic over the counter medications and prescription meds. All these meds have already received approval from the FDA. The pharmacy has a wide catalog. Some of the medications available in the pharmacy catalog include thyroid meds, penis enlargement, diabetes drugs, diuretics, cholesterol medications, erectile dysfunction drugs, hair loss, antibiotics, antivirals, and more.

To make sure that the drugs available on this website are affordable, I decided to check the price for erectile dysfunction meds. These appeared to be the most preferred meds on the pharmacy website. The price for a pill of generic Viagra 100mg starts at $2.30 and decreases as the buyer increases the number of pills that he or she is buying. The price for generic Cialis 20mg will begin at $2.97 per pill. If you prefer using generic Levitra, the highest price you will pay for a pill is $3.30 for a 20mg pill.

When it comes to paying for your meds, the drugstore will take your money via credit cards. The credit cards accepted at Pills Find are VISA and MasterCard. When purchasing meds, I was worried that my credit card data might get stolen since the main pharmacy website pages lack an SSL encryption. However, when I added some erectile dysfunction pills to the cart and then proceeded to the checkout, I found that the checkout page was SSL secured.

The pharmacy offers to ship via 2 main methods. These are the Airmail Shipping and the EMS. The meds are usually dispatched within a period of 1 to 2 days after you have ordered and paid for them. The EMS shipping will take 5 to 10 days for the medications to arrive while the Airmail shipping takes about 10 to 18 days. When it comes to the shipping cost, I found the cost offered by to be thoughtful. The Airmail shipping will cost you only 5 dollars while the EMS shipping will cost you $19.95.

Pills Find indicates that it offers refunds. The buyers are eligible for refunds if they don’t receive their order within a period of 30 days or if the buyer is charged twice for the same order. The pharmacy indicates that they will re-ship your package if you received crushed pills, obtained a partial shipment, and if the product was not delivered within the specified time period.

When it comes to communicating with Pills Find customer support department, you have to choices. You can either use their toll-free US phone number which is 1 855 206 1929 or you can use the drugstore email which is [email protected] I could not find a live support feature on the drugstore website. Reviews

Pills Find did not have any testimonials on its page. The website appeared to have had a testimonials page which had been deleted. When I clicked on the testimonials page in their sitemap page, it indicated a 404 error. On third-party reviews collecting sites, I only managed to locate a single testimonial. The review was negative. I have captured it below:

Pillsfind Testimonial

After ordering meds from and receiving them, Sherry decided to test the medications. She reports that the meds turned out to be false meds. They were not the actual meds. Even after taking the pills, she says that they had no real medicinal effect on her. Her meds arrived in a period of 30 days. She warns people against sourcing their meds from since the products are bad. Reviews 2018

I could not locate any 2018 reviews. I decided to see the reputation that had on the internet. To know this, I had to check it on Scam Adviser.

According to Scam Adviser, the website appears to be in the United States but the real location of the site is being hidden. Pharmacies which offer genuine services will not hide their location. The drugstore has a safety of 10%. The pharmacy had a malware report. This indicates that your details might be stolen while you are shopping at the drugstore, or even worse, the site might infect your computer. Coupon Codes

I could not locate any coupon codes on third-party sites for Pills Find Pharmacy. However, the pharmacy had offers on its official website. The first offer I noticed is that the price for your pills will decrease when you increase the number of pills you are buying. Also, the pharmacy was offering free shipping for all buyers in the United States. I managed to locate a coupon code in the Levitra price list page. I have captured it below:

Pillsfind Coupon Code

When you use the coupon code SAVE10, you will be eligible for a 10% discount on all products.


I cannot deny that does have fair prices although they are not the lowest available on the internet. However, I cannot recommend the drugstore. From the evidence I managed to gather, this is a pharmacy you cannot trust.

Chester Simpson

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