Reviews Review – A Online Drugstore That Does Not Require Prescription is an online drugstore which operates from Canada. The pharmacy does not indicate when it was established. This drugstore offers a large number of medications. You will find the majority of the meds used in the treatment of common health complications. All the meds I managed to find on the drugstore have already received approval from the Food and Drug Administration. I couldn’t locate any controlled substance at Rx Pills.

The drugstore supplies medications worldwide. To get your meds from this online pharmacy, you won’t need a prescription. Also, this is one of the few online drugstores which allow medication shoppers to check out their meds without having to create an account. Some of the meds you will find on the drugstore catalog include erectile dysfunction meds, Allergy meds, Antibiotics, Anxiety meds, Arthritis meds, diabetes meds, blood pressure meds, depression medications, and more.

To determine whether the drugs offered by Rx Pills are affordable, I decided to check the prices for the erectile dysfunction meds. The price for generic Viagra is 0.35 dollars for a pill. If you decide to buy generic Cialis, you will have to pay 0.77 dollars for each pill. Brand Viagra will cost you $3.92 for a pill while brand Cialis will cost you $4.03. These prices are not the lowest a buyer can get online although they are fair.

When it comes to paying for your meds, you are allowed to do this through Mastercard, VISA, and Bitcoin. The drugstore indicates that your payment will be handled securely. The pharmacy indicates that the delivery of meds is guaranteed. If your meds fail to show up, you will be compensated with another package or if you prefer, you will receive a refund.

You will be offered two main methods of shipping. These include Registered Airmail and EMS Courier Shipping. The Registered Airmail shipping will take about 2 to 3 weeks before your meds arrive. The courier shipping is much faster. It will take 5 to 7 days approximately. Although did not show their shipping costs on their main pages, I managed to find these costs after adding some pills to the cart. The drugstore was charging $24.95 for the EMS shipping. The Airmail shipping was free for the pills I added to the cart.

Rx Pills does not have a live chat. If you need to communicate to the customer support department, you will have to call. The numbers to use are +1 800 715 5341 for the people located in the United States and +44 203 318 5981 if you are located in the EU region. Reviews

To determine whether an online pharmacy is safe to use, you will need to check its customer testimonials. These will tell you the kind of experience the people who have already used the drugstore to buy their meds from the store had. I could not locate any testimonials on third-party sites for Rx Pills. The pharmacy, however, had numerous positive testimonials on its official website. Here are some of them:

Rx-pills Reviews

Mohammed reports that he received his package from He wishes to thank Rx Pills and the other staff members working for the Canadian pharmacy for the continuous coordination and offering their customers support. Mohammed appreciates the services offered by

Kevin reports that he received his package. He looks forward to doing business with in the future. Jenny is thankful to Rx Pills for the being helpful. She says that she can recommend this drugstore to anyone who is looking for a place to buy meds. In an effort to establish any pharmacy’s reliability, we don’t consider on-site testimonial as they are fully controlled/owned by the shop. Reviews 2018

It is always a great idea to judge an online pharmacy based on the reviews which have been written most recently. This is why I tried to locate the testimonials written by buyers for in 2018. Since does not include the dates alongside the specific testimonials, I could not determine which reviews were written in 2018 and which were not. Below, I have captured some extra testimonials for the drugstore even though there is a possibility that these were not written in 2018:

Rx-pills User Comments

Daniel reports that he had received his package and everything is perfect. He thanks He appreciates the great service offered to him by the pharmacy. He says that he can recommend the pharmacy with confidence.

Curtis reports that he is very pleased with both the customer service and shipment. He will be ordering again soon. Zak says that he received his order. He is happy with the delivery time and the product itself. Coupon Codes

At check out, Rx Pills has a text box where a buyer can enter a coupon code. However, after searching the web looking for coupon codes to use, I could not find any. The pharmacy itself has some offers. I have captured these below:

Rx-pills Discounts

The pharmacy offers free pills as a bonus for every order. You get a chance to choose between 2 Viagra pills, 2 Cialis pills, or 2 Levitra pills. If your order is worth more than 200 dollars, you won’t have to pay for the Airmail delivery. If your order is worth more than 300 dollars, you get to enjoy free traceable delivery.


If you are to judge based on the testimonials it has on its official page, the drugstore can appear spotless clean to anyone. However, this is not recommended since some pharmacies are known to craft good-looking reviews in order to attract buyers. Even though I am not saying that is one of them, I would advise you to approach it carefully. The pharmacy has fair prices but these are not the lowest prices you can find online.

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