Reviews Review – This Promising Online Pharmacy Is Yet to Build its Reputation is an online pharmacy that appears to be operating from the United Kingdom. Research has it that this pharmacy began operations in 2013. I have gone through this website and done a rigorous research about it. I would be revealing all my findings in this article. In the end, we would be able to make an appropriate decision about whether to try or not.

Safe Drugs Online makes effort to provide drugs cheaply via their website. To buy a drug on this website, you would have to enter the drug name you wish to purchase into their search box at the homepage. To determine if their drugs are truly cheap, I searched for a couple of popular erectile dysfunction brands. The ED drugs I searched for include Levitra which they sell for $17.30 per tablet and its generic is sold for $1.58 per tablet, Cialis which they sell for $17.45 per pill and its generic is sold for $2.39 per pill. At this prices, one can say that their drugs are quite affordable. They have claimed that the drugs they sell are of great quality stating that they are approved by the pharmaceutical agencies in the areas which they come from.

Furthermore, to pay for the drugs you order for on this website. The methods of payment open to you are Mastercard, Visa, bank drafts, checks, international money orders are accepted from payment. Additionally, all the orders you make on this website are shipped through International Airmail which delivers orders in 7 to 21 days and costs $10.

Chatting with Safedrugsonline
Chatting with Agent

Peradventure you need speaking with their support team, you can do that through live chat or by phone. Below is the image of a chat with one of their customer support.

Safedrugsonline Live chat Image

Therefore, their live chat works great. You can get answers to your inquiry or query almost instantly. If you prefer making use of a phone, their toll-free line is 1-800-454-0185.

I also checked if this pharmacy has a refund policy. In the frequently asked questions of their website, I was able to discover that in the event of a failure to receive your order within 30 days, you would get your money back or a free reshipment. Note that this is contingent on the fact that the shipping address you entered must be correct i.e. the mistake must be from their end but not yours. Reviews

Customer reviews are a very critical aspect of determining the reputation of any online pharmacy. It helps to get a grasp of the quality of services offered by a particular online pharmacy. One would be able to see for sure if the shipping services of the pharmacy of choice are safe to try out based on the experience shared by customers through customer reviews. Based on this, I searched for customer reviews of this pharmacy to have a glimpse of customer experience regarding how satisfied they were making use of this pharmaceutical online platform to buy drugs. While I couldn’t find any review from external sources on the internet, I noticed two reviews displayed on their homepage. In my opinion, these reviews have been there for quite a while. Below are the screenshots of these customer reviews. However, you should not trust these customer reviews completely as they could have been easily manipulated by the operators of this online pharmacy to portray that they have a great reputation.

Safedrugsonline Customer Review

Mary who resides in Florida shares her experience shopping meds from with us. From her comment, she sounds utterly satisfied. Recommending this website to her friends, she says “very satisfied”.

Safedrugsonline Customer Review
Safedrugsonline Customer Review

This is the screenshot of the second review I found on the homepage of their website. Donald is the reviewer here. He is from Texas. He also sounds very pleased with the services of He also recommends this pharmacy, telling us that he was “perfectly satisfied”.

From these reviews, we can fathom that has satisfied its customers in the past. Nevertheless, I don’t trust the reviews enough to make a conclusion about the reputation of this vendor. I mean they have been around for about 8 years; surely, two reviews is not a lot. Reviews 2018

It is also important to ascertain the current performance of a pharmacy before making a decision to try them out. If they have a great reputation of late, we can say they have successfully maintained a great reputation over the years. To ascertain the current reputation of I tried searching for reviews that were dropped by users in 2018 so we could see what their experience was like. Sadly, I found nothing. This is not impressive at all considering they have been in operation for nearly a decade. Coupon Codes

Coupons and discounts offers are attributes of a great pharmacy that cares about the patronage of its customers. So, I checked if there were any coupons for and I found some coupon codes from an external source.

10% Discount Coupon Code
10% Discount Coupon Code

The coupon code “C0777C76” in the screenshot above gives you access to a 10% discount on your first purchase from this vendor.

15% Discount Coupon Code
15% Discount Coupon Code

The coupon code in the screenshot above allows you to enjoy a 15% discount when your order is over $70.

Conclusion appears to be quite impressive when it comes to offering attractive coupons. Their live chat service also appears to be on point making customer support easy and fast. The prices for popular meds also quite cheap. Nevertheless, the lack of sufficient and recent customer reviews is a great drawback. It portrays a low reputation on the part of this pharmacy. For this reason, I can’t confidently recommend this pharmacy to you. Your best and safest bet would be to try another.

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