Reviews Review – London Based Online Pharmacy with Warehouses in India has been offering generic and branded medicines to their customers worldwide for the last nine years. According to their chat support representative, this e-dispensary is operating from London. The medicines they offer are from Indian pharmaceutical companies and all the medicines they sell are Indian FDA approved. These drugs were manufactured in compliance with the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940.

The available medicines offered by Safe Medicals are arranged according to different medical categories. If you need a medicine for alcoholism, click on the alcoholism category and if you need an erectile dysfunction, click on erectile dysfunction category. Other categories that you can click on are antivirals, asthma, beauty products, analgesics, inflammatory, eye care, osteoporosis, weight loss, obesity, migraine, muscle relaxant, and supplements and vitamins among others.

If you want to know which drug is popular, you can click on their bestsellers list. This is effective if you are looking for an erectile dysfunction brand to try, you can find different ED medicines from their bestsellers such as generic Viagra, generic Levitra, female Viagra, and generic Cialis Soft.

For the pricing, a tablet of generic Viagra costs $0.69 and $1.50 for a tablet of generic Cialis. A tablet of generic female Viagra costs $1.89 while a hybrid ED pill generic Cialis Soft costs $1.45 apiece. They also sell generic Cialis Super Force for $2.22 per piece generic Levitra Professional for $3.50 per pill. A generic Levitra Super Force costs $5.56 and a generic Viagra Oral Jelly costs $2.50.

For payments, you can use pay with your credit card or Bitcoin. Your card will be charged once you press the ‘submit’ button and if your bank will approve the payment, the order will be processed and sent to the warehouse for packing. For your card’ protection, Sade Medicals website is encrypted with SSL.

There are two shipping methods that you can choose for your order’s delivery. You can have it delivered within 21 days for $10 or pay $20 more and have it delivered within 9 days. The 21 days delivery service is called Standard International Airmail and the 9 days delivery is called Express International Mail, a trackable one.

Order status can be checked upon logging in to your Safe Medical account or by calling or chatting with the support team. We tried their chat support team and we are glad to say that they are responsive and answer queries in a timely manner.

Safemedicals Live Chat

To contact their support team via phone, you can dial 1800 943 9753, 45 577 7756 or 44 204 897 361.

All customers are offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 100% guaranteed delivery. In case of any dissatisfaction, receiving damaged products or having lost orders, contact the support team so they can investigate your case and process a refund or reship your order. Reviews

For the 9 years that they operated, served, and offered medicines to their customers, we are assuming that Safemedicals has accumulated a lot of customers that kept on supporting them through these years. This can be seen with positive customer reviews so we decided to search for customer reviews.

Safemedicals Reviews

We found reviews shared by Ed, Mark, Craig, and Iryna. In their own words, here are the things that they found out and shared about Safe Medicals.

  • Ed’s order arrived in a perfect package
  • Mark just ordered for the second time and promised to be back for more
  • Craig had great customer service experience
  • Craig was happy with his experience online
  • Craig appreciated the good communication skills of their support team
  • Iryna experienced great customer service
  • Iryna praised the fast response to her questions

The feedback from Ed, Mark, Craig, and Iryna are very enticing. We love to believe in them and in Safe Medicals but we don’t usually trust on-site reviews because these are questionable. Reviews 2018

Apparently, there are no new reviews for Safe Medicals from third-party review sites as well. We found newer feedback on their testimonial page though.

Safemedicals Reviews 2018

A review from Christopher described the good handling and speedy delivery of his order. He also said that the policies of Safe Medicals are good and fare hence he plans to order again in the future.

The second review was shared by Alan who had some issues with his original package. His testimonial was about the replacement product that he just received. He said he was thankful that his issue was resolved in a timely manner.

Alan and Christopher’s reviews are also from As a consumer, we understand how important it is to read honest customer reviews and for now, we can’t recommend Safe Medicals based on these on-site reviews yet.  We would prefer reliable third-party reviews. Coupon Codes is not the kind of internet drugstore that offers coupon codes. What they offer to their customers are benefits that they can enjoy if they will order. One perk is the free pills on every order. You can take home as much as 20 pills. The minimum free pills provided by this store is four.

Safemedicals Perks

In addition, to free pills, they also offer free shipping to all qualified orders. Qualified orders are orders worth $200 and above.

Conclusion is a London based online pharmacy but its warehouses are in India. It offers Indian medicines and ships them from India. All medicines shipped by Safe Medicals are safe, effective, and had passed the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940.

From India, they offer two reliable methods to ensure that you will receive your order wherever you are.

This internet drugstore has been operating for the last 9 years. They have been working hard keep their customers satisfied and happy yet as of this writing, we are unable to find reliable customer reviews that can back up this claim.

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