Reviews Review – A Drugstore that Sells Only Generic ED Meds is an online pharmacy that sells strictly generic ED pills. When I spoke with one of their support staff, I was informed that they have been in operation for 4 to 5 years. So, they are quite new on the online pharmacy block. Going through the generic ED meds displayed on their website, I saw generics of Viagra, and Levitra. Their generic Viagra price is $0.45 per pill, their generic Cialis price is $0.90 per pill, and their generic Levitra is $2.77 per pill. I also saw another popular generic ED med Kamagra. Kamagra is a brand generic to Viagra it is sold by the vendor at $0.91 per pill. I have also found out that the generics sold on this website are FDA approved. Hence, they do not contain harmful ingredients. From my discoveries, the generics sold by this pharmacy come from India. They claim that their warehouses are located in the USA(New York), Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom. These are the locations orders are processed from.

The payment methods accepted on this website include Visa Mastercard, Echeck, American Express, and Discover. And for the shipping methods available for sending out orders, I have found out that they make use of two shipping services namely; EMS and Registered Post. They have revealed that all orders are processed within 24 hours. Additionally, when I tried placing an order, I discovered that the standard shipping option costs $35 and takes 15 to 25 business days for delivery. On the other hand, express shipping (EMS) costs $45 and takes 7 to 14 business days for delivery.

Furthermore, I have tried the live chat service on their website and I have seen it works well. I had a little chat with the staff online. Check the image of my chat below.

Simplyviagra Live Chat

The support staff responded to me timely and professionally. I can only say that their support team is reliable for satisfying inquisitions and resolving issues.

Another thing I checked about this vendor was their refund policy. Reshipment is done free if the wrong product is received or product received is damaged. Customers also have the liberty of canceling payments within 24 hours of making an order. To request and follow up refunds, you would have to talk to their support team via phone or email. Reviews

It is important that we go through what customers have to say about This would help paint a picture of the quality of their services and how well they satisfy their customers. This would give us an idea of what to expect if you choose to patronize this drugstore. There are no reviews from customers on their website. For this reason, I went online in search of reviews but I found only a very few. This could be as a result of the fact that this drugstore is fairly new and customers are just discovering it. Over time, there should be a sufficient amount of reviews. All the reviews I found were given in 2018, none were before 2018. We can’t really make a conclusion on how well they have satisfied customers in the past. It is bad I must say that there are no reviews from the past even on their website. This really doesn’t always mean something positive as it implies that the pharmacy is rarely visited. This drugstore has been in existence for 4 to 5 years. There should be a couple of reviews on their website if they were patronized well. Reviews 2018

Simplyviagra Customer Review

I found only two reviews given in 2018 and I’m going to be sharing them with you. I got these reviews from an external website. They were positive. One can only say that the pharmacy has started gaining momentum. Note that can also be accessed by the domain name So, don’t get it confused when you go through these reviews.

This customer gushes about in this review. Talking positively about the drugstore, he commends their drug prices, their customer care and the overall quality of their services. He says “best services”

Simplyviagra Customer Reviews

This customer also says great things about The customer sounded satisfied about the quality of the ED meds received as he says that the Viagra he ordered from them worked perfectly. He says “I am really satisfied”.

From these positive external reviews, one can say has been satisfying its customers so far this year. Thus, they are performing quite well in recent times. Coupon Codes

Free Shipping Offer
Free Shipping Offer

I tried searching for offers on which you could take advantage of if you decide to patronize the store. I found a few and I am going to be sharing the screenshots with you real quick.

This free shipping offer is for when a customer makes an order worth over $200. In this case, the cost of shipping would be entirely at no charge.

Generic Viagra Free Pills Offer
Generic Viagra Free Pills Offer

This vendor would give you 10 free generic Viagra pills when you buy 100 generic Viagra pills.

Generic Levitra Free Pills Offer
Generic Levitra Free Pills Offer

This offer gives customers access to 10 Levitra free pills when you buy up to 90 pills of Levitra.

Kamagra Free Pills Offer
Kamagra Free Pills Offer

This is yet another offer for free pills. You get 4 free pills of Kamagra when you order up to 48 pills.

Conclusion is great for the prices it offers generic ED meds, it is also great because it has a functioning live chat service and appears to have a reliable support team. However, I am not settled with their shipping fee. Their shipping fee costs as much as $30 when other online pharmacy offers the same shipping service for $10. Another thing is the fact that they do not have much reviews from customers with only a few reviews given in 2018. Even though these two reviews were positive, the fact that they are just gaining momentum can’t make one be overly certain about the quality of their services.

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