Reviews Review – New Player on the Steroid and ED Medicine Selling Market started operating online in 2016 according to their e-store license. This is a Canadian online pharmacy that offers steroids, erectile dysfunction medicines, and other over the counter medications. They also offer prescription drugs at a very affordable price.

Steroids Canada offers injectable and oral steroids, HGH or growth hormone, PCT and Ancillaries, weight loss medicines, fat burners, sexual health products, nootropics, acne, general health medicines (common over the counter drugs), sleep aid, diuretics and medical accessories such as syringes and needles. Among the manufacturers they partnered with are Apoxar, Innovagen, Teragon Labs, Pharmacy Grade, and Nutropin HGH.

For bulking drugs such as steroids and growth hormones, Steroidscanada has a lot to offer. These are their main products. As for erectile dysfunction medicines, they six products that you can choose from. They offer Innovagen Cialis 10 mg and Innovagen Viagra 50 mg costs $40 each pack. Each pack contains 30 tablets. Steroids Canada also offers Yohimbe, a natural male enhancement product for $20 for a pack of 50 tablets. Generic Viagra from Teragon is also on sale for $70 for a pack of 20 while a pack of Teragon Cialis 20 mg (20 tabs) is on sale for $70. Their last erectile dysfunction product is Cabergoline and it is on sale for $30 per pack.

There are two ways to process a payment with Steroids Canada. You can pay with Interac Email Transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, and Bitcoin. This online pharmacy caters to consumers in Canada only and they don’t ship outside of Canada. Their courier is Canada Post. You can opt to have your order delivered via Canada Post Xpress for $25 or Canada Post Priority for $50. Canada Post Priority takes up to two days only for your order to be delivered while Canada Post Xpress takes up to 3 business days. You can have your order delivered free via Canada Post Xpress if you order at least $400 worth of products. For orders above $500, you can have your order delivered via Canada Post Priority. Both shipping methods are trackable.

For queries about the service offered by Steroids Canada or issues about your order, you can reach them through [email protected]. You can also dial 1-800-106-1453 if you want to talk to someone. These contact information should be used if you will encounter problems with your order such as missing, damaged, or lost order. Reviews

Searching for a customer review for Steroids Canada is a bit challenging yet we were able to find these old customer reviews. What we found was a forum where customers of this e-store talk to one another.

Steroidscanada Review

In one forum post, we found a user known as “d millz” asking if anyone has tried ordering from Another forum member names mercury said that everything is legit with the store and that all drugs are FDA approved. His statement was supported by mike0305 who said that Steroids Canada is the only legit source if Inno products in the country.

Steroidscanada Review

Aside from the forum, we also found a customer feedback shared by Junky. He said he used injectable Noopet and it worked well on him. Junky said it was only at Steroids Canada that this medicine is sold and he was unable to find it elsewhere. Review 2018

Steroidscanada Review 2018

After two years since they started operating in 2016, we further checked their status with their customers and here are some of the new reviews we found.

Darren wrote in January of this year how he got his hands on the potent Trenbolone Enanthate that he is using. He said he ordered it at Steroids Canada and highly recommends it because it works well.

Another review that Steroids Canada have this year was from Manny. Manny said that ordering Testosterone Enanthate from was the first time he tried ordering online. Manny believes that it is the best brands of Test E and he was glad to order an affordable one from a legit online pharmacy.

Since most of the products of Steroidscanada are steroids, it is no wonder that most of the feedback they are receiving are from steroids users. So far, everyone seems to be happy and satisfied with the products they are receiving. Please note that these testimonials were found from the website of Steroids Canada hence we cannot fully recommend it. These reviews are not reliable. Coupon Codes

Steroidscanada Specials

Most online stores and dispensaries are offering perks and benefits. Some are giving out coupon codes while others are offering their products with discounts. As of this writing, has not released any coupon codes yet they are offering medicines at a very low price.


One of the offers of Steroids Canada is 34% off on some of their products such as Nolvadex, Clen, and Cytomel. There are at least 20 products listed every day under their specials and sales. To go to their offers, just click on Sales and Specials icon on their main page.

Aside from discounted prices, they also offer 24/7 support, guaranteed delivery, and highest quality products. They are among the few online pharmacies that started accepting Bitcoin as well as a form of payment.


Why would you choose for your steroids or erectile dysfunction medicine needs? They also offer free express shipping if your order reaches the qualifying amount of $500. However, we do not recommend placing such a large order if you never ordered anything from this shop. Do not risk that much money. For confidentiality reasons, your order will be packed in the most private and secure manner. They have a ready customer support team that can help you 24/7.

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