Reviews Review – A Pharmacy with No Reviews to Prove its Trustworthiness is a pharmacy whose title indicates that it has its location in Canada. The pharmacy does not indicate when it was established. However, the store hints on its homepage that it has a 5 years experience. The time for which a pharmacy has been operational shows how reliable it is.

The drugstore indicates that it has thousands of loyal and happy customers worldwide. This is a statement that conflicts with the fact that the store has exactly zero customer testimonials both on its site and on third-party sites. The drugstore indicates that its catalog has more than 700 products. The major products available on the pharmacy website include prescription meds, over the counter meds, and herbal medications. indicates that the medications it sells are sourced directly from manufacturers.

I decided to determine whether the normal online medication shopper who is looking for a place to afford meds and also save money could use with any success by checking the store prices. I decided to check the price of Cialis. I noticed that the pharmacy had both brand and generic Cialis. A pill of generic Cialis will cost the buyer at least 1.08 dollars. If you decide to purchase brand Cialis, you will have to pay 7.4 dollars for each pill you take home. This price is not the lowest price I have managed to find online for erectile dysfunction meds. There are other pharmacies offering both brand and generic Cialis at a lesser price. offers numerous methods that a buyer can use to pay for his or her meds. These include Visa, Mastercard, Amex, MoneyGram, E-checks, and Wire Transfer. After paying for your meds using any of these methods, Store Note will process your orders within a period of 48 hours. I checked some meds out on Store Note. Most online pharmacies will redirect you to an SSL secured site where you can make your payment without risking having your data stolen. I was shocked to see that Store Note handles payments on the same website which did not have an SSL encryption. This means that your data can be stolen quite easily.

The pharmacy indicates that they have a money back guarantee. The drugstore will refund your money or re-ship your products when they get lost during the delivery process. The drugstore does not allow the return of any medications.

Your medications will be shipped from Store Notes using two methods. These are Registered Airmail and Trackable Courier Service. The Registered Airmail shipping which takes 14 to 21 days to deliver meds will cost you $9.95 when you use it without insurance. If you use it with insurance, you will have to pay $14.90. The trackable courier service will cost you $21.95 and will deliver your meds within a period of 7 to 14 days. If you are looking for customer support while sourcing your meds at, you can call the customer support department via 1 888 717 3519. This number is toll-free in the United States. The pharmacy did not have a live chat option on their website. Reviews

As I have already mentioned earlier on in this article, Store Note does not have even a single review. If a pharmacy is offering nice services, its happy customers will find a way to give back. These customers will do this via positive testimonials. The fact that Store Note does not have any testimonials shows that the pharmacy is lying that it has thousands of happy customers worldwide.

I wouldn’t trust a pharmacy that does not have even a single user testimonial with my money. Doing this is the quickest and easiest way to get conned or get fake medications. Store Note might be real. However, since there is no way to prove this, I would recommend that you avoid this drugstore. Use pharmacies which have managed to gather themselves a large number of positive user testimonials as a result of offering great services. Reviews 2018

After lacking any reviews online for online, I decided to check and see the information available for the drugstore domain address. I searched for using Scam Adviser. Scam Adviser could not determine the exact location of this domain address. The domain address appeared to be located in either the United Kingdom or in Russia. Coupon Codes

After searching online and failing to locate any coupon codes for, I was not surprised. This pharmacy did not look like a drugstore that put in a lot of efforts into making sure that their customers are satisfied. The pharmacy had a single offer on its website despite the prices it offered being a little bit high. The drugstore only offered people who returned to buy meds for a second time a 10% discount. Judging by the lack of testimonials for the drugstore, it looks like no one orders for the second time.

Conclusion is a drugstore I wouldn’t trust with my money or my health. The drugstore does not even handle payments in a secure site. You will have to pay for your drugs on a site that lacks an SSL encryption which means your data can be stolen quite easily. The pharmacy has nice prices although I have managed to locate online pharmacies which offer lower prices. One thing I liked about is the fact that it accepts numerous payment methods.

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