Reviews Review – No Leads as to Why it has Terminated its Operations

When was still in existence, it was just a customer’s average online pharmacy. It sold products at much more affordable prices than the local pharmacies, making it the preferred medicine source of many customers. The savings guarantee that it had on its site was its customers are going to save for up to 80% of the money that they used to spend purchasing their meds locally. And this guarantee that it made was true as it indeed reflected on the prices of its products. The prescription medicines which are priced expensively at the local drugstores can only be bought for a fraction of its original price at The clients of loved the savings that they got from the store because the meds that cost hundreds of dollars at local pharmacies can be bought for only a few dollars on their medicine selection.

It’s just unfortunate that it no longer exists as a website and visiting its domain name will just give the users a blank page. It appears that the domain and IP address of the site itself has been blocked and the only available source for retrieving what’s left of it is the internet archives. Regarding the reason for its closing down, many people are still without a clue as the site simply disappeared. Its operations have started back in 2002 and has disappeared somewhere in the year 2017. All in all, it had a total of 15 years of selling meds on the web and its closing down had a huge impact on its customers from all over the world.

No notice was left by on its website before its disappearance which led many to believe that it must’ve been closed down due to the campaign launched by the corporate chain drugstores and the FDA. Small online drugstores like became a steady and reliable source of cheap meds for customers, drawing them away from getting their drugs at local pharmacies where prices are costly. This became a huge issue for the large companies as they have started losing profit, leading them to move and shut down these smaller businesses that rival them in customer shares. Another possibility as to why have decided to close down for good is maybe because of some big issues within its administration that failed to get resolved which then led to the site’s closure to the disappointment of many. may not have sourced its meds from US pharma companies because of their overly-expensive prices but its sources are drug manufacturers from countries such as the UK, Singapore, Australia, Turkey, New Zealand, India and Canada. These countries also have the same high safety and quality standards in drug production just as in the US so customers will benefit from the same great results in using their meds just like the US-made drugs.

Site membership is a requirement in buying meds from that’s why customers have to sign-up first before they are able to purchase anything from it selection. If prescriptions are required in buying at, we can’t be certain if the answer is no or yes as there is no information on its site confirming either. But we can guess that prescriptions were not a requirement at because of the easy process of ordering on its site. Clients who had questions or concerns about the site contacted its customer service hotlines which were +1 877 778 3153 and +44 808 280 0713. The former is for its US clients and the latter was for its customers from the UK. For its international clients and those people who have no telephones for calling these numbers, can be contacted through email on its Contact Us page. Reviews

Due to the lack of reliable third-party reviews on the web, the only user reviews that we can show are the on-site reviews from But since these are reviews from within its website, these user testimonials are not 100% trustworthy as there’s a possibility that these reviews might have just been fabricated to make the site look pleasing to its visitors. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at these reviews.

Topills User Reviews

Kenny Roddman from the USA gave this review for back in the 14th of January 2014. What Kenny says is that the medicines that he managed to buy from the store were top-notch and as for the shipping time, he didn’t have to wait long before receiving his orders. He was so pleased with his experience that Kenny was already looking forward to ordering from in the future.

A customer from the UK named Earl Gibs starts his review by saying that was a long established and reliable website. Earl also mentions that aside from a good customer support system, the site also had a wide selection of branded and generic medicines for its clients to choose from. His orders were shipped on an average length of time but the products that he got were perfect.

What Richard Harris was so pleased about is the renewed sex life that he and his wife had after using the Viagra that he has purchased from Reviews 2018

There are no longer any user reviews available for as the site has already been closed for a long time. The only information left about its site it can only be retrieved from the internet archives and nowhere else. Coupon Codes

Topills Member Discounts

Regarding the discount offers that has, we can no longer have access to them since the site is already closed. All we know is that its members have enjoyed special discount privileges by simply becoming registered members on its website.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy that sold affordable medicines to its clients online from 2002 up until 2017 before closing down. So far, there are no leads as to why it has terminated its operations which left many of its customers in the dark. But for other online pharmacy options, shoppers can check our top list of recommended pharmacies.

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