Reviews Review – Called Trust Pharmacy for Several Years, an online store under the store name Trust Pharmacy, is now closed, just like the many other stores before it. This online drugstore has served the consumers for years, and according to the records I have browsed, it has existed since 2009 – although perhaps longer.

This online drugstore appeared to last more than the usual online drugstores on the web, although the records for Top Rx Pills were not in favor of the online drugstore. Most buyers have had complaints about this online pharmacy – mostly about orders that never arrived. Although third-party reviews are good to have, having negative independent reviews is not ideal.

Based on the information for Top Rx Pills on its web archive data, it is one generic drug seller which focused on the sale of generic treatments for a long list of medical conditions. According to Top Rx Pills, buyers were able to save a lot of money when they used the Top Rx Pills pharmacy considering its utterly low prices for otherwise too expensive medications. For instance, instead of the at least $50 per pill for erectile dysfunction medicines like Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate), customers were only charged at least $0.27 per pill for the generic counterpart of the product. Besides the famous impotence pills (Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra), Top Rx Pills also sold medicines for various medical conditions, like for instance, HIV, digestive concerns, skin diseases, and others.

Unlike the local pharmacies, however, Top Rx Pills did not ask its consumers to send their prescriptions for the products for a no-hassle order process. Nevertheless, Top Rx Pills has encouraged its buyers to get checked by their doctors first before using any of its products, since this is the most sensible thing to do when it comes to medications. Top Rx Pills assured its audience that it only allowed the buyers to purchase medicines from the shop without any Rx since all of the products on the Top Rx Pills were legal (none were classified as scheduled or controlled substances).

Regarding the quality of the products, Top Rx Pills mentioned that all of its products were approved at least by the Indian FDA. Meds on Top Rx Pills were still without US FDA approval, mainly because most of the generic medicines that Top Rx Pills sold were still illegal to market to the United States.

Top Rx Pills buyers paid for their orders using VISA, AMEX, and MasterCard credit cards. Shipping was ~$10 and was through Airmail. Buyers were given refunds and reshipments in case of problems with delivery, but Top Rx Pills prohibited returns. Reviews

Top Rx Pills was one of the few online pharmacies that have had buyer testimonials available on 3rd-party websites. However, the circumstances were not ideal for Top Rx Pills since all of its external or review site testimonials were actually complaints from dissatisfied buyers:

Top Rx Pills Complaint
Top Rx Pills Complaint

According to one user who published his complaint on Pissed Customer, Top Rx Pills never shipped his order. He mentioned calling Top Rx Pills twice but the shop told him on both occasions that his orders were in-transit. In the end, the buyer did not get his order and hence urged the other buyers to stay away from Top Rx Pills. He rated Top Rx Pills only 1 in 5 stars. Reviews 2018

Because Top Rx Pills was already gone in 2018, I did not expect the shop to have buyer reviews available for the present year. However, it appears that the store has had several complaints from the present year and some from late last year:

Top Rx Pills Complaint
Top Rx Pills Complaint

The member “catonymous” wrote that he ordered from Top Rx Pills but he never received any confirmation from the shop. He tried to reach out to the online pharmacy but the shop did not respond, so he decided to cancel his payment. This user mentioned reverting to his former web pharmacy.

Trust Pharmacy/Top Rx Pills Complaint
Trust Pharmacy/Top Rx Pills Complaint

Another user, this time from South Africa, also explicitly wrote his opinion for Top Rx Pills. According to him, Top Rx Pills has given him the worst experience ever as the shop allegedly sold him fake, chalk pills instead of sending him this order of Viagra pills. Needless to say, he was sorely disappointed with the outcome of his Top Rx Pills order.

In fairness to Top Rx Pills, the shop has had positive reviews available on-site, but since these reviews may be biased towards Top Rx Pills, I can’t fully rely on their integrity. Coupon Codes

There were no coupon codes available on Top Rx Pills, but the shop Top Rx Pills was known to offer several opportunities for buyers to maximize their savings. For instance, the shop offered discounts to buyers who were able to purchase more pills than the others. Besides this, Top Rx Pills has also offered free pills and free shipping to buyers who have met the basic requirements for the waived shipping fees.


Top Rx Pills, alternatively called as Trust Pharmacy, was a generic seller which had negative reviews from its former consumers. Although the store’s prices were low and offered a wide selection of products to buyers who needed cost-effective treatments, the shop’s negative reviews were somewhat a signal the shop’s unpleasant selling history. However, since this store’s now closed, there’s really no concern about this shop unless it resurrects from the dead.

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