What is a Nurse Informatics Salary per Year?

Too many people, hearing the terminology “Nurse Informatics” they wonder just what type of nurse this is, what they do, what education they need to get that title, and what a nursing informatics salary would be. This is a specialized field which has been developing over the past thirty years.

What is a Nursing Informatics?

This type of nursing involves using health care information technology to support the care of the patient and nursing practices. They manage the medical date for use in administration of nursing care. A nurse informatics will let the nurses’ access health information so they can develop, evaluate, and implement o negative blood group methods of patient treatment or care. The nurses are also able to review all information that is related to a certain patient. This can lead to more efficient care and communication between the nurse and patient. The nursing informatics systems can help to increase and improve the accuracy and efficiency of the nurse’s job.

The specialist who works in informatics works to make sure that the systems and computer programs are streamlined as possible. This will help to prevent errors, reduce stress, and help to eliminate the duplicate input of data. They can also train the nursing staff when computer systems are implemented in their health care environment.

Education Requirements

This is often offered as a specialty in the master degree program for a registered nurse. It will cover research and analysis, computer science, and health care system. The minimum requirements to take this specialty course are to have a bachelor’s degree in order to work toward their master’s degree. Some facilities where a nursing informatics may get a job may require a Nursing Informatics Clinical Nurse Specialist certification, which is offered by The American Nurses’ Association.

There is no formalized training to become a nurse informatics but they do have to have a bachelor’s degree and have worked as a registered nurse for two years. In addition, they have had to complete at least thirty hours of continuing education with credits in informatics in the last three years when they apply for this type of job. They also have to fulfill the ANCC-required academic/practice hours.

Salary and Benefits

If they are a Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems they can earn an average salary of one hundred eleven thousand dollars a year. It they do no that that certification, the average salary would only be ninety-eight thousand dollars a year. If they had a certification that was provided by the American Nurses Credentialing Center their salary would be on average one hundred twenty thousand dollars. If they did not have a certificate from this center they earned on average ninety-four thousand dollars a year.

Some of the informatics nurses also received an additional benefit as part of their salary and most everyone received dental and medical coverage. At least eighty-six percent had access to some type of retirement plan.

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