Reviews Review – Alive Since 2004 But Now Gone, or known as “ED Online Store”, was one of the online dispensaries of generic medicine. Although stores like World Online Pharmacy are known as virtual drugstores, technically, they are nothing more than an online escrow service or a drug mail-order service and not classified along the lines of brick and mortar online pharmacies. In most cases, stores like World Online Pharmacy, given their technical status, do not require their consumers to send their prescriptions for the products.

As for World Online Pharmacy, this store, today, is non-existent. Instead of the storefront illustrated in the image above, the web address is nothing more than an error message stating that the domain could not be found. This may be a temporary occurrence or caused by an error on my end so I checked the store using a proxy site; however, the result was still the same – the status of the World Online Pharmacy shop was still, by far, unreachable.

I checked for online reviews referring to the closure of this web platform, but there was nothing on the web noting the store’s reason for disappearance. Fortunately, this online drugstore had records on the web archive, so I was able to discover that the shop has existed since 2004 (or even earlier), which I think was a great feat considering most online drugstores close down in just a year or so. However, it’s still puzzling to me why a store aged decades was unable to have third-party reviews from its consumers. Searching the web, I was unable to mine customer comments and references to the store – the only ones I was able to come by was the on-site testimonials published on the website, which I think were unable to accurately represent World Online Pharmacy’s past performance.

As for the line-up found on World Online Pharmacy, the store still had the same generic products found at any common web drugstore. Like most online pharmacies, World Online Pharmacy has put its erectile dysfunction medicines up on the pedestal and I think this was because these medicines were the store’s bestsellers. Prices on World Online Pharmacy were cheap since medicines distributed by the store were from generic manufacturers which were focused on helping buyers save more when it comes to their medicines.

Regarding prescriptions, World Online Pharmacy required the buyers to provide their Rx before their orders were processed. This was pretty standard with local drugstores but loosely followed by online pharmacies.

All in all, I still could not figure out whether World Online Pharmacy was a reliable store or not, considering the conflicting figures for the store (like having a very long existence but zero reviews for its service). Reviews

As I’ve mentioned, the store World Online Pharmacy only had on-site reviews and no third-party comments for its service. To give you an idea of what World Online Pharmacy’s on-site testimonials looked like, here are some examples:

World Online Pharmacy Review
World Online Pharmacy Review

Most of the comments for the World Online Pharmacy store were brief and most of the alleged buyers were in a grateful mood for their products. Buyers were thankful that they were able to receive their orders from the shop and were also happy with the results of using the medications from the store. According to some buyers, the medicines were effective in helping treat their medical conditions.

However, despite the good nature of these comments, I can’t believe these reviews 100% considering they have only originated from World Online Pharmacy, which means that these customer reviews are somewhat compromised. We can’t tell whether these reports were genuine or if they were just crafted by the shop, so it’s still better to search for third-party references for this web drugstore. Reviews 2018

There were zero buyer testimonials and comments for the World Online Pharmacy store and this was probably because the store was already closed in 2018. When checked against records of third-party domain assessing platforms, the store World Online Pharmacy often failed to measure up with their standards of a good functioning website. According to one online assessment platform, World Online Pharmacy has had reports concerning scam and spam activity and was therefore unreliable. The prognosis for World Online Pharmacy was bad, even if the shop was able to exist for more than 3 years. Coupon Codes

Free Sample Pills on World Online Pharmacy
Free Sample Pills on World Online Pharmacy

Personally, I love discounts and other buyer deals, that’s why I do my best to search for these discounts on every online pharmacy I go to, even on otherwise dead or non-existent stores like World Online Pharmacy. I have discovered, however, that World Online Pharmacy had a few deals in store for its clients:

Although the World Online Pharmacy store had a free sample offer for its clients, the shop was actually not too generous as most online drugstores. Instead of giving complimentary pills, the store required buyers to purchase 60 pills or more before giving them at least 2-4 ED pills. The shop, however, has also enforced a lower per-pill price for buyers with orders with increasing quantities.


World Online Pharmacy has surprised me in terms of staying power – the shop started its service in 2004 and has since served its buyers globally. The sad thing about World Online Pharmacy, however, is that it did not have reviews to back up its claim of good service. Since the store only had on-site reports, it’s challenging to put a finger on the store’s overall performance.

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